Karen is a high-volume, light weight CrossFit benchmark workout with a single movement – the wall ball.

The Workout

For time:
150 wall balls
(20 lbs/14 lbs)

Karen is 150 wall balls, aimed at a 10-foot target, for time. The prescribed medicine ball weight for men is 20 pounds, and for women, 14 pounds. Your score is the time it takes to complete all 150 reps.

The History

Karen is yet another one of the infamous “Girl” CrossFit WODs but is a more recent addition to the lineup. It first appeared on the CrossFit main site in August 2008 and, much like her predecessors, looks deceivingly simple.


Given the high volume of reps, you’ll want to create a strategy for breaking up the 150 wall balls into manageable chunks. Avoid going to failure, especially during your first set.

Break up this workout into sets so that you’re able to move consistently with minimal rest. The ideal number of reps should be high enough to make progress, but not so high that you end up resting for long periods of time.


“Karen” is meant to be done with a light load. If you can’t maintain a higher number of reps with minimal rest, then scale down. Either decrease your reps (for example, drop to 100 or 75 reps) or use a lighter wall ball.

Other Tips for Karen

Pace yourself.
Figure out a good rhythm and pause only briefly in between sets. Break up this workout into manageable chunks, and as mentioned before, avoid going to failure.

Descend into a full squat.
Make every rep count. Make sure that your legs are at least parallel to the ground with each squat, if not lower.

Use your legs.
Move efficiently and use the power generated by your legs to propel the medicine ball to the target.

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