Master Your Mindset: Event + Response = Outcome


There are many tools out there that can help you master your mindset. One of these tools is a principle of success that comes from author, Jack Canfield. (If you've heard of or read a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, then you know Jack.) The Success Formula: Event + Response = Outcome The [...]

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The Big Comeback. Now’s Your Time.


Are you wanting to get back into the gym? But for whatever reason, it hasn't happened. What's holding you back from making your comeback? You might tell yourself that it isn't really the right time. Or a good time. You'll go back once things calm down. Or ramp back up. It'll be better to [...]

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How To Recognize Mental Toughness Within Yourself


When you think of people who are mentally tough, what images pop into your mind? Navy SEALs? Athletes crossing the finish line at an Ironman? Strongman competitions where participants lift ~10x your body weight? Winning gold at the Olympics? Mental toughness is the ability to overcome unexpected obstacles while staying strong and focused. It's [...]

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Benefits Of Recruiting A Workout Buddy


There are so many great things about working out with other people. When you work out with a group, you’re surrounded by a supportive community that shares a lot of your same goals and interests. It’s possible to amplify all those group workout benefits when you add your special workout buddy to the mix. [...]

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Signs It Might Be Time For A Rest Day


Following a consistent workout schedule is awesome. But keep in mind that consistency doesn’t mean the same thing as working out every single day. A solid workout routine includes both training and rest days. Some prefer the “three on, one off” approach, where you work out three days and then take the fourth day [...]

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Fail Again, Fail Better


How do you feel about failure? Typically, it's not the most popular topic to discuss. If you're like most people, even reading the word "failure" might make you cringe. No matter if we're talking about failing during a workout or in any other area of your daily life, failure is a good thing. Yes, [...]

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Ready For The Next – Rhapsody Introduces Rhapsody Recovery


Recovery is just as important as your training in enhancing and improving your overall health and fitness. There. We said it.  Sufficient sleep, quality nutrition and strategic rest are all part of the essential healing and recuperation you need to be your best between workouts. You can also raise the bar on your regroup by [...]

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Lee Davis Completes 16 Murphs in 24 Hours


Rhapsody CrossFit Athlete, Citadel Alumnus Breaks Record - Lee Davis Completes 16 Murphs in 24 Hours Rhapsody CrossFit athlete and Military College of South Carolina Citadel alumnus, Lee Davis, sets the new record for consecutive Murphs completed within 24 hours by accomplishing 16 rounds in 22 hours and 3 minutes.  “After doing a 100-mile [...]

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The Comeback


By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston, SC come·​back | noun: the return to life or vitality.  I love a comeback.  That moment you see the athlete bringing up the rear go head down, dig deep, spark something and start to weave her way to the front. This [...]

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