In July 2020, Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston launched Sweat + Serve, an outreach program combining our signature Sweaty Saturday workout with a hands-on community service project. 

Since the program’s launch, Sweat + Serve has a fanfare among our members with 1000+ service hours dedicated to Lowcountry organizations and local initiatives including The Green Heart Project, The City of Charleston, Keep Charleston Beautiful, Fisher House and The Ronald McDonald House


Although the sheer sweat equity invested back into our local community is something to smile about, Sweat + Serve participants will tell you the power of their experience stays with them far past the satisfaction of a job well done that day.

“Doing something for a purpose greater than yourself is always fulfilling,” said Rhapsody member McKinley Pollard. “Getting involved in our community has inspired a lot of us to get out there and do more for Charleston.”

There simply seems to be a comfort in hands-on effort to make your corner of the world a little better and a bit brighter. Especially during days that may feel challenging, a sense of calm comes with contributions you can see and efforts that are tangible. 

“Being a member of Rhapsody brings a sense of normalcy to my days when everything else is a little crazy,” said member Jodi Witte. “Sweat + Serve is a game changer as it enables all of us to get out and make a lasting, positive impact for those who need it most. We are taking our fitness community out into our Charleston community and it’s a win for everyone.” 

Community service comes with a camaraderie and shared connection – with each other to get a project done, with the mission to make an impact, and with your neighbors to coexist. 


Serving reminds us that we are all in this together, despite our differences, and will be far better off when we take care of one another.

Rhapsody Fitness

Sweat + Serve at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.

Exacerbated by the social distancing and isolation we experience during the pandemic, the meaningful connection that comes from service seems more critical now than ever before. 

“I love that Rhapsody created this great opportunity to serve our community in a time when we may feel things are falling apart,” said member Kaleigh Nolen. “It helps us all stay connected in a meaningful way and gives us a chance to get to know other members we may not see as often.”

As individuals, community service reminds us that we are each capable of making an impact. We may not be able to control circumstances, but we can control ourselves and the choices we make to do something when and where we are able. 

What choice will you make this week to serve? Best believe, it is the gift that keeps on giving to others and yourself. 

Let’s put some sweat equity and love back into our Charleston community. Are you ready? Contact Team Rhapsody today to sign-up for the next Sweat + Serve project.