Rhapsody Fitness offers 49 classes and 24 open gym hours over 7 days a week giving you the most opportunity to get your fitness on from any CrossFit gym in Charleston. Through gymnastics, weightlifting, aerobic training and hands-on coaching, Rhapsody Fitness members will learn proper mechanics, maintain consistency and find that sweet spot of intensity where change occurs.

Our group classes allow for a team dynamic and accountability to raise the bar on your health and fitness.

Outside of our regularly scheduled group classes, Rhapsody Fitness offers specialty training and programs including Personal Training, Sport-Specific Training, Adaptive Training and Corporate Wellness.

Want to see what Rhapsody Fitness is all about? If you live in the Greater Charleston Area, your first class is on us.



The basis of our programming is cross-functional fitness (aka CrossFit). Whether you are dipping a toe into fitness for the first time or are a seasoned veteran, Rhapsody Fitness offers the challenge to push you to your edge where change and adaptation occurs. With infinite scaling options and progressions, we will meet you where you are and work towards your greatest potential both safely and effectively.

Rhapsody Fitness is proud to follow CrossFit Affiliate Programming (CAP) which prioritizes how training is executed through preparation, scalability, community, consistency and coaching over one single program. Perfectly in line with our Rhapsody philosophy, CrossFit Affiliate Programming provides specific targeting, proper dosing and premier programming gleaned from a decade of competition and coaching experience for members who are looking to increase overall fitness, willing to learn and hungry to improve.
Developed by three of CrossFit’s most experienced Seminar Staff – Austin Malleolo, James Hobart and Spencer Hendel, who together have trained more than 20,000 coaches, appeared in 24 CrossFit Games competitions and led five gyms – CrossFit Affiliate Programming provides advanced continuing education for coaches and a world-class training experience for members. 
As part of the weekly workout programming for our members, Rhapsody Fitness challenges you to find your inner fish with SwimWOD designed by world record holder, decorated athlete and esteemed coach, Emma Gage. Often a missed pillar of functional fitness, these supplemental swimming workouts are critical for efficiency, technique, controlling your breath and some good old fashioned conditioning to keep you at your best both in and out of the water.
Rhapsody coaches are also big fans of CrossFit Strongman which incorporates odd objects to build additional, functional strength outside of a traditional barbell. Long short, don’t be surprised to see a sandbag or keg in your workout, and trust us when we say, you haven’t lived until you’ve flipped a tire.
Want to see what Rhapsody Fitness is all about? If you live in the Greater Charleston Area, your first class is on us.
Rhapsody Sweat

Beyond a boot camp, Rhapsody Sweat is an endurance-centric class that includes all of your favorite movements from CrossFit minus the barbell. Predominantly focused on agility and bodyweight exercises with light accessory work, no prior fitness experience is required for this fun, energetic workout designed to get the blood pumping and heart rate up.

Are you ready to get your sweat on? If you are a Charleston resident, your first class is on us!

Rhapsody Barbell

Because long lines, watered down cocktails and cover charges are overrated, come on out to a new kind of club – Rhapsody Barbell.

Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:30PM, Rhapsody Barbell is dedicated to the two cornerstones of Olympic weightlifting – the snatch and the clean + jerk. Designed for all skill levels, this class focuses on drills, complexes and strength building that will hone technique sure to crush new PRs and make your coach sing.

Are you ready for the gainz to meet your goals?


Rhapsody Recovery

Rhapsody Recovery encompasses deep stretching, enhanced mobility, breathing techniques and mindset work to revive fatigued muscles and rejuvenate the tired mind.

Agile by design, each session is prompted by the programming done in the days before and adapted to ready you for the programming planned for the days ahead.

Bring your mat and leave your stress at the door.


Personal Training

Whether you’re gunning for a PR, looking to align your nutrition, need some extra help honing a skill or just want some one-on-one time with our coaches, Rhapsody Fitness offers private personal training with our entire coaching staff and select personal trainers in the Charleston community.

Across all of our personal trainers, the process begins with clearly defining your goals and developing a custom plan designed for you. From there, we will help curate a custom personal training plan to suit your schedule and budget.

Interested in Personal Training in Charleston? Let us help you name and slay your goals.


Sweaty Saturday

Saturdays are a party here at Rhapsody! Each week, coaches surprise the squad with a partner or team workout designed to start the weekend off right with your swolemates. You may even luck out with some keg carries, sandbag cleans or tire flips that really are the spice of life.

If you’re new to our gym, these community-centric workouts are a great opportunity to meet our members and get a sense of what we’re all about here at Rhapsody.

How about some barbells before brunch? If you are a Charleston resident, your first class is on us!


Open Gym

Whether you want to get some supplementary work in, drill a skill or just do your own thing, Rhapsody Fitness offers Open Gym 7 days a week to all our members.

Because we are big on safety first, a Rhapsody coach is always on-site during Open Gym hours.

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Sport-Specific Training

Festivus Games? Cooper River Bridge Run? GoRuck? Ironman? High School or College Sports?

Building on our group programs and personal training options, Sport-Specific Training is a dynamic, custom program designed to prepare you for your chosen challenge so you may compete at your highest level.

Depending on your sport of choice, we will help you navigate how to incorporate CrossFit workouts with supplemental training and nutrition to achieve peak performance.

From strength-biased training for the linebacker to aerobic endurance for the distance runner, Rhapsody Fitness is here to help you show up in spades for your main event.

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Adaptive Training

Our approach to health and fitness is personal, and we are firm believers that fitness is for anyone who shows up to do the work.

Based in functional fitness, Rhapsody’s programming is impressively flexible with infinite adaptation and progression options to meet members where they are, which makes it a phenomenal strength and endurance option for adaptive members.

Whether you are recovering from trauma, injury, illness or finding your fitness alongside a congenital disorder or motor/sensory dysfunction, Rhapsody coaches can help you adjust your approach, adapt stimuli and achieve your desired results.

We do not see limitations – we see opportunity. Contact us for your free consultation today!


Corporate Wellness

You are building a healthy corporate culture – we are building healthy people. Let’s work together.

Corporate or workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organizational policy designed to support healthy behavior in the workplace and to improve health outcomes. Initiatives often include health education, medical screenings, weight management programs, on-site fitness programs and/or facilities.

Beyond screenings and counting steps, CrossFit can speak to health and wellness motivations across the board from physical fitness and weight management to team building and mental health. With infinite scaling options and progressions, our program is flexible and approachable for anyone regardless of their current fitness level.

From the start-up or small business to established firms, Rhapsody Fitness will partner with your organization to create a custom package to suit your team.

Whether it’s bringing the party to you with an onsite workshop or developing a custom employee membership package, so the squad can sweat it out together, we welcome creating the Corporate Wellness plan for you.

Are you hungry with that bone-deep drive to do whatever it takes to become your best and earn the win? Introducing the Rhapsody Athletic Department (R.A.D.) – competitive coaching committed to challenging stereotypes, cultivating athletes and, ultimately, developing character.

Built with the pillars of discipline, physical training, mental fortitude and smart strategy, the R.A.D. is all about developing prime athletes who are good humans well beyond the podium.

Ready to go for gold? Let’s get to work!


Rhapsody Nutrition

You want to become your best self? Let’s start with what literally fuels your fire – nutrition. A key component for health and performance, we go beyond meal plans and macros to change your relationship with food for the long haul. Whether you want to look better naked, rack up new personal records, keep that pep in your step from sun up to sun down, or any and all of the above, our team will help you slay your goals and then some.

Ready to properly fuel your fire? Let’s go!


Visiting Historic Charleston? Come sweat with us! We love drop-ins from gyms far and wide. Register and reserve your class using the link below. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled class to get familiar with the gym and meet our coaches.


$25 Single Class

$80 One Week Unlimited Classes

The free class option is not available for out-of-town visitors.

Raising The Bar

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