“Alan is an expert on fitness and he provides the perfect amount of motivation and support. He motivates me to do things I never thought I could do and inspires me to go further. I’ve lost weight but most of all I feel stronger, more fit and more determined than I have ever felt to lead a healthy lifestyle.”

– Kaitlin Shaw, Casting Agent

“No workout is ever the same, which keeps me focused. Alan has been the key factor in my journey to reach my fitness lifestyle goals. Not only is he knowledgeable, positive and encouraging, but he never settles for anything less than my 100% each time I’m in the gym.”

– Jenny Bates, Marketing Director

“CrossFit has taught me the importance of hard work both inside and outside of the gym. What started as a tool to get in shape has become an essential part of my life. Having coaches like Alan allow me to better myself as a person and athlete.”

– Samuel Leicht, Actor

“It’s been a privilege to work side by side with Alan Shaw. I find his teaching to be strong proof that he continues his education in fitness and passing it on to every athlete he meets. He modifies movements for beginners in a natural progression for them to succeed. If I have someone new to CrossFit coming in to try it out, I always send them to the classes he is teaching. From his theatre background, he has a unique and charismatic way of communicating and presenting. Alan is an overall joy to be around!”

– Andrea Ager, Two-Time CrossFit Games Athlete

“I have been wanting to step up my workout routine and Rhapsody Fitness couldn’t have opened up at a better time for me. Alan always encourages me to push the limits and challenges me to try harder even when I think I can’t. Working out closely with Alan I know the road to strength, better mobility and lean muscle is closer than I think. I love working out with the Rhapsody team because their positive energy motivates me to take it to the next level. After each class I always leave energized and empowered, ready to slay the day!”

– Andrea Serrano, Stylist and Blogger at Charleston Shop Curator

“Before Rhapsody, strength and weight training intimidated me as forms of exercise. Alan makes a point to help me choose modifications that will allow me to complete the workout while also pushing me to lift heavier amounts when he knows I can with success. He makes a point to get to know each student as an individual in order to support them in a specific way throughout each WOD. The entire Rhapsody team pushes us to grow physically and emotionally. I am grateful for Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, a new sense of confidence in the gym and the community I’ve built since joining.”

– Dakota Flynn, Associate Director for Admissions, College of Charleston

“I made more progress in 6 months with Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston than 3+ years at various CrossFit gyms combined. From the exceptional coaching team and premier facility to its inspiring community cheering you on so loud your hair blows around like Beyonce, Rhapsody simply has the secret sauce for becoming your best well beyond its four walls.”

– Mary Beth Henderson, Founder, Front & Center

“I’ve been with Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston since before they even opened their doors. CrossFit has been a huge part of my life for a few years, so switching boxes was a really big decision for me and one that I didn’t take lightly. Truly, all it took for me was meeting Alan and Trinity to realize that what they were building was going to be nothing short of spectacular – and it is! The coaching, community, facilities and programming are all second-to-none. I’m stronger than ever – emotionally, mentally and physically. I’ve also become a more balanced athlete at Rhapsody. Show up and do the work and amazing things will happen. Believe the hype!”

– Mollie Lipka, Project Communications Specialist At Stantec

Raising The Bar

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