Is CrossFit Too Intense For Me?


By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC I get this one a lot. And I won’t bury the lead. The simple answer is - it’s entirely up to you.  I could go into the usual soundbites here. Tell you how CrossFit focuses on functional movements, strength training + mobility that will benefit [...]

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What Is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)?


Have you ever woken up in the morning and wondered, “Why am I so sore?” If it’s been 24-48 hours after a tough workout, then you’re probably feeling some DOMS. What is DOMS? DOMS stands for delayed onset muscle soreness. And as the name implies, its signature feature is the delay in muscle pain [...]

What Is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)?2022-01-28T09:48:31+00:00

When + How To Train During Ramadan


For Muslims, Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar hallmarked by 29 to 30 days of fasting, prayer, reflection and community.  Observed from April 2 to May 2 this year, fasting from dawn to sunset is fard, or obligatory for all adults. Although believed to be crucial for receiving spiritual rewards during this [...]

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How To Keep Your Focus During Your Next WOD


Focusing on your next WOD and blocking out distractions, both internal and external, isn’t always easy. Some days you might find it easier to keep your focus. But on the days when your attention is anywhere but the barbell in front of you, here are some ways to keep your focus. 1. Ditch your [...]

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Let’s Talk Chalk


Sweat is a mechanism for keeping your body cool, which is a good thing. So when you train (and your body temperature naturally rises), you sweat. And if you climb, boulder, lift weights, CrossFit or have a background in gymnastics, you know that your palms sweat. If you do one or more of these [...]

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Rally At Rhapsody – The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Open


By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC. Motivation, milestones and progress! Buckle up you misfits and mavens - the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Open is here.  WHAT IT IS Your time to shine. From first-timers to seasoned competitors, athletes across 13,000+ affiliates anywhere in the world show up to compete [...]

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The Warning Signs Of Under-Recovery


Your body needs to feel stress to respond and improve. And this stress comes in the form of workout intensity, duration and frequency. Striking the right balance of training stress leads to progress. However, if you overstress your body, your performance will decline. This is known as overtraining – a term you’ve probably heard [...]

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Are You In The Pursuit Of Perfection?


The pursuit of perfection can drive us toward improvement. But it also has a dark side. A side that leads to doubt, frustration, anxiety and a lack of motivation. Here are some signs that you might be pursuing perfection: You obsess over finding the perfect gym rather than showing up and giving the gym [...]

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What Happens When You Sit All Day?


Over the past several decades, we humans have become more and more sedentary. Because of technology, rather than being outside and moving around, we spend more time in front of a computer screen. A Few Facts (courtesy of The average person sits for 12 hours each day. Physical inactivity is risk factor #4 [...]

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How To Set Yourself Up For Long-Term Success


Success in any area of life doesn’t happen overnight. It requires direction, practice, awareness, realistic expectations and consistency. So whether you’re aiming for results at the gym or in another part of your life, here are some ideas on how to set yourself up for long-term success: 1. Know where you’re headed by setting [...]

How To Set Yourself Up For Long-Term Success2022-01-06T12:18:46+00:00
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