Group projects in high school were one of the worst things ever, but group fitness environments, on the other hand, can be awesome. If you’ve been thinking about adding a group component to your fitness program, here are a few reasons you should.

1. Structure 

One of the best reasons to engage in group fitness is because the structure nearly guarantees that you’re going to have a good workout. No meandering through the gym with extended time between sets. Just guided intensity from start to finish. 

2. Motivation & Inspiration

Undeniably, when surrounded by others and actively taking part in a group effort, everyone feeds off each other’s energy, and the intensity level naturally rises. Being around others will push you to be better. And you never know; you might be the source of someone else’s inspiration.

3. Community 

Everyone is on a fitness journey to a destination called improvement. Why don’t we carpool, so to speak, and help each other along? It feels good to be part of a group pushing for a positive goal, and you’ll probably make a few new friends.

4. Accountability 

The class starts at eight. You don’t want to be the slacker walking in late, right? Kidding. Life happens, no big deal, and no judgment, either. But group classes have a schedule and a tempo that make you more likely to show up on time and give your all from beginning to end. 

5. Correct Form 

Exercise is only effective (and safe) with proper form. One valuable benefit of group fitness is that you have many official and unofficial trainers from whom to learn how to do the motions and movements. Doing things correctly means more gains and fewer injuries.

6. Better Results 

Remember that mention about tempo? For many people, it produces better results than they would experience going solo. And not only can a group environment result in a better workout, but some research also suggests that it substantially improves your quality of life.

7. It’s Fun! 

All the research and provable reasons to work out in a group are great, but let’s not also forget one of the most important — it’s fun! Good music, good attitudes, and good vibes from good people. What else do you need?  

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