It comes as no surprise that exercise is good for us. And rather than making a list of all the benefits, let’s focus on one specific system that improves with exercise – your immune system.

Here are a few ways that exercise improves your immune system (source):

  • Exercise cycles bacteria out of your lungs and airway and decreases the chance you’ll get a cold or the flu.
  • It circulates white blood cells (i.e., “the illness detectors”), making it more likely to detect illnesses earlier.
  • During a workout, your body temperature increases which enables your body to fight infection.
  • Physical activity holds up the release of stress hormones.
  • It decreases inflammation in your body.

Now that you know a bit about how exercise boosts your immune system let’s look at how you can maximize this response.

1. Keep a consistent routine.

When you exercise, your body responds and boosts your immune system. But the effects don’t last. So to make your immune system stronger long-term, you need to keep working out consistently.

2. Add in intensity.

For your immune system to get the benefits of exercise, you need to push the intensity of your workouts. Find an intensity level that elevates your heart rate without overdoing it. Once you start overtraining, you lose the benefits exercise has on your immune system as well as your performance.

3. Prioritize recovery in between workouts.

Another way to make sure your immune system reaps all the benefits of your workouts is to prioritize recovery. After you work out, make sure you refuel with healthy, nutritious foods. Drink plenty of water and get a good night’s sleep.

In addition to regular exercise, fueling your body with good food choices and getting plenty of sleep, make sure to keep washing your hands throughout the day. Stay consistent and stay healthy!

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