Group classes come with a lot of benefits. You get some high fives and social interaction. There are other people around to push you through tough workouts and provide some friendly competition. And a group class schedule stacked with specific days and times to train offers structure and accountability.

At first glance, group classes may seem like an impossible environment to tackle your individual fitness and performance goals. However, you can use group classes to create your own amazing and unique fitness journey. And you’ll be surrounded by a supportive community the whole time.

So, how do you create your own fitness journey and get the most out of group classes? Here are a few ideas:

Start by choosing the “right” group.

To make a group class work for you and your goals, make sure that you’re in the “right” group. What does this mean? Do you walk through the door of the gym and feel comfortable and welcome? If you feel like you’re in a space where you can be yourself, then you’re on the right track! Next, make sure that the group classes you attend align with your goals, interests and style. For example, if you start showing up to classes focused on bodyweight exercises and building endurance, but you want more barbell in your life, then it’s time to make a switch.

Stick to a consistent schedule.

Keeping to a consistent training schedule is another way group classes help you on your fitness journey. If you stick to roughly the same classes on the same days of the week, you’ll get to know your coaches and other members of the group. And as the group gets to know more about you and your goals, they’ll also be able to provide tailored support and encouragement. Let’s say you’re working toward a back squat PR. Rather than showing up and working toward a mystery goal, your coach will check in with you and ask you about your progress. And other members will be ready to offer a spot when you’re ready.

Scale your workouts.

One of the best ways to stick to your own fitness journey within group classes is to scale your workouts. Modifying a workout to match your fitness level lets you personalize your workout and your experience. And rather than feeling like you’re doing a WOD that’s out of your league, you’ll be able to adjust and challenge yourself without overreaching or getting frustrated.

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