Fail-Again-Fail-Better-Rhapsody-FitnessHow do you feel about failure? Typically, it’s not the most popular topic to discuss. If you’re like most people, even reading the word “failure” might make you cringe.

No matter if we’re talking about failing during a workout or in any other area of your daily life, failure is a good thing. Yes, failing is good. It’s a dominant force in making progress, accomplishing goals and seeing results.

On the surface, living without failure might seem like a pretty good deal. Rather than sticking your neck out and taking a risk, you could settle on staying safe and only doing things that you know well and are comfortable with. But what would be the end result?

Think about what would happen if you let one failure hold you back. Like, what would happen if you attempted your first muscle-up and failed? Or you added ten more pounds to a barbell, only to have to bail out. Or you went out for a 5K run and had to start walking after the first mile. Was that single attempt it for you?

If you weren’t willing to ever try again, it could mean that:

1. Your workouts would all be too easy.
You’d stop making progress and most likely lose fitness.

2. You’d stop getting results.
At some point, you’d hit a plateau and get stuck there.

3. You’d never learn anything new.
There would be nothing left to try and no more challenges.

A failed muscle-up, lift or run may not be cause for a celebration, but it isn’t a signal to give up either. When you try something and fail, it’s a sign to keep trying and to keep failing. Again and again.

Not only must you be willing to fail that first time, but you also have to be willing to fail again – to get better at failing. Because, like other skills, the only way to get better at anything is to practice it.

So, fail. Fail again. And then fail better.

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