Free CrossFit workouts are an integral part of our culture at Rhapsody Fitness. We believe fully in the try-before-you-buy approach when it comes to our membership. Our community respects that not every person finds the entrance to their fitness journey on the same pathway. Sometimes, many doors must be opened.

The Rhapsody trial CrossFit class provides an opportunity for you to meet our coaches and get familiar with our gym. We make no apologies for being a bit extra when it comes to our gym. As we are training with the best of the best, we offer the best of the best in regard to equipment and amenities. It’s important that you feel comfortable asking questions and participating in our community. This allows our team of coaches to ensure your safety and success as you begin the journey to improving your physical fitness.

The Rhapsody Fitness Community

Our community has been described as a community of misfits by some, and we’re satisfied with that assessment. A safe place for those who haven’t found CrossFit gyms elsewhere, or maybe haven’t found their form of athletics. At Rhapsody Fitness, we support everyone. All CrossFit Level 2 and 3 Trainers, our coaches are among the top tier with dynamic expertise and specialty education to offer our members expansive group classes and personal training options. Our coaches will support you as a CrossFit beginner or those looking for entry into competitive CrossFit.

A Safe Place At Rhapsody Fitness

We believe in the Rhapsody Fitness commitment to a safe and engaging community. We show that by not having long-term contracts. Our memberships are month-to-month. We believe this supports the flexible lifestyles of today’s working class, but also our confidence in our community.

Getting Started With CrossFit

At our Charleston CrossFit gym, we introduce people to CrossFit through The Rhapsody Way – our bespoke new member onboarding experience. Our free class allows you to find your footing in our membership and gym. It is the foundation of The Rhapsody Way here in Charleston, South Carolina.

From there, we host Fundamentals on Saturdays to ensure you are on a path to success with your fitness goals. Here you will learn the foundational movements and basics of CrossFit methodology. This one-time class is offered at 11AM every week.

Personalized CrossFit Coaching

When you sign up for membership at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, our coaching staff will reach out about your personalized goals. Are you looking to bulk up, slim down, build strength for specific activities such as bouldering or whitewater kayaking? Whatever your goals, our coaches want to help you understand how our workouts of the day can contribute to those goals.

During the first month, our coaches will be available to give advice on motivation and staying on track with goals. These conversations are open to any aspects of your journey that you find important to your physical health.

After introduction, coaches reach out quarterly to review your progress and make sure you’re on track to meet your goals. Additionally, these sessions provide an opportunity for feedback on your experience in the gym. We can improve our community’s experience each day. Rhapsody Fitness is dedicated to raising the highest bar for our coaches and members.

How To Join Rhapsody Fitness

Find out about our amazing community of athletes by scheduling your free class today! Meet our coaches and explore our gym at your availability. Discover how inclusive and encouraging the Rhapsody membership can be when it comes to the CrossFit community in Charleston, South Carolina.