General-Physical-Skills-Rhapsody-CrossFitThe functionality of your fitness isn’t determined by a single exercise or skill. Instead, it’s made up of several physical skills – ten to be exact.

These ten general physical skills come together to prepare you for almost any physical activity. Working on the following skills provides you with a level of fitness that is well-balanced and avoids specializing.

1. Endurance

Endurance is your body’s ability to take up, process and deliver oxygen to your working muscles. You increase endurance by performing aerobic exercise at a moderate intensity.

Example: Run or Bike for ~30 minutes at a moderate intensity (~75-80% of max effort)

2. Stamina

Stamina is like endurance but with a twist. It’s your body’s ability to process and deliver energy so that you can repeatedly perform a movement at a high intensity.

Example: Alternating Running with Kettlebell Swings

3. Strength

Simply put, strength is the application of force. Rather than trying to work at a lower intensity for a long period of time, building strength is all about lifting heavy loads for a short period of time.

Example: Front Squat at 80% of your 1RM

4. Flexibility

Your flexibility is determined by the range of motion of a particular joint. Improving your flexibility will increase your range of motion. Static stretching, where you’re holding a stretch for 20-30 seconds, is the most popular way to work on flexibility. But you can work on this skill through more dynamic movements, as well.

Example: Samson Lunges, Perfect Stretch, Bodyweight Squat

5. Power

Power is strength with speed added as a variable. It’s your ability to apply maximum force in minimum time. Any explosive movement has a power component and will work on improving this skill.

Example: Olympic Lifts

6. Speed

Speed is pretty straightforward; this skill is all about moving as fast as possible.

Example: 100 or 200-meter Sprint Intervals

7. Coordination

Coordination is your ability to take separate patterns of movement and “coordinate” them into one mega-movement.

Example: Muscle-Ups

8. Agility

Agility is your ability to transition quickly from one movement to another. The more agile you are, the faster you can change directions (horizontally, vertically, or laterally).

Example: Burpee Box Jumps or Burpees over a Barbell

9. Balance

Balance is how well you’re able to control your body’s center of gravity while supported on some type of base.

Example: Pistol Squats or Walking Lunges

10. Accuracy

Accuracy is a skill all about controlling your movements in a given direction and at a particular intensity. You practice this skill by either moving your body or an external object (like a medicine ball) into a planned and specific spatial arrangement.

Example: Snatch, Clean, or Wall Balls

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