Lookie-Lookie-Ive-Got-a-Hookie-Hook-Grip-Rhapsody-FitnessLookie lookie, I’ve got hookie! A hook grip, that is.

What is a hook grip?

The hook grip is a specific barbell grip that helps keep the bar from rolling out of your hands. You create a “hook” by gripping the bar and placing one, two or three of your fingers around your thumb. Your fingers pin your thumbs to the barbell and create the hook.

Why is the hook grip important?

The hook grip is important because, for certain lifts, it’s more secure than your regular overhand grip. It’s more secure because the hook grip keeps the bar from slipping or rolling right out of your hands. And it reduces extra and unnecessary tension in your hands, forearms, and elbows. Using the hook grip also makes you more efficient as you lift. It maximizes the force generated from your legs and hips, leading to increased power output and the ability to lift heavier loads.

Hook-Grip-Rhapsody-FitnessWhat lifts should you use a hook grip for?

The hook grip should be used for lifts where you’re pulling a barbell away from the ground. Think Olympic lifts, like snatches and cleans, as well as deadlifts. For other lifts where you’re pressing more than pulling, the more conventional overhand group is preferred. Using the hook group while pressing in the jerk, push press, shoulder press or bench press only limits your mobility and stability.

How should you incorporate the hook grip into your lifts?

If you’ve never tried a hook grip before, frankly, it can be a bit uncomfortable. You might get some mild pain in your thumb because of the pressure from the barbell. If this pressure is too much, you might get some relief by taping your thumbs. But this discomfort is expected when you first start using a hook grip. And as you acclimate to the grip, it will become more comfortable over time.

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