By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness

Sweaty Saturday Rhapsody CrossFit

The weekend’s fittest party is here!

Whenever I get asked about our signature Sweaty Saturday workouts, my immediate response is, “It’s a party – you should come!” 

There is no better way to describe the sweat fest and fun that is Rhapsody Fitness’ Sweaty Saturday workout. 

Each week, our coaches surprise the squad with a partner or team workout designed to kick the weekend off right with your swolemates. You may even luck out with some keg carries, sandbag cleans or tire flips that really are the spice of life.

And people show up for it. Every Saturday morning the gym is rocking at 7AM, 8AM and 9AM with a delightful smattering of members and drop-ins ready to throw down before brunch or hitting the beach. 

Of all our workouts during the week, Saturday sees the most dynamic band of misfits with our members making a social hour out of a hard workout, drop-ins checking out their first class and visitors passing through from around the world. 

But don’t you worry – there’s no getting lost in a crowd here at Rhapsody.

If you’re new to CrossFit or checking out our gym in Charleston, I highly recommend starting with Sweaty Saturday to get the best sense of what our community is all about. With all ages, walks and levels of fitness in attendance, it’s an ideal environment to get to know Team Rhapsody, meet our diverse members and have a great time while you’re at it. 

I’m already excited about this weekend’s playlist and currently taking requests…

The party won’t start until you walk in – join me at 7AM, 8AM or 9AM this Saturday and let some Rhapsody into your life.

If you are new to Rhapsody Fitness and a Charleston local, your first class is on me.