Focusing on your next WOD and blocking out distractions, both internal and external, isn’t always easy. Some days you might find it easier to keep your focus. But on the days when your attention is anywhere but the barbell in front of you, here are some ways to keep your focus.

1. Ditch your device.

One way to keep your focus is to ditch your device, at least for sixty minutes. As soon as you walk in the gym, keep it out of sight. All the notifications can wait.

2. Be intentional.

If you’re having a hard time focusing, bring your attention and some intention to your body and your movements. Don’t just zone out and go through the motions. Instead, warm up and train with intentional movement and efficiency – no wasted movements, energy, thoughts or actions.

3. Listen to what you say to yourself.

If you’re having trouble concentrating during a WOD, listen to what you’re saying to yourself. Are you thinking about what happened right before you started a workout? Are you already thinking about what you have to do later that day? Bring your attention back to your workout by grounding yourself in the present. Pay attention to what the barbell feels like in your hands or focus on your form and technique.

4. Breathe.

If your mind is still wandering, choose a simple focal point that will always be there – your breath. Inhale and exhale, and if it helps, count to three as you inhale and exhale. Over and over.

5. Focus on yourself.

If you’re comparing yourself to other people in the room while you’re working out, it’s going to be really hard to get the most out of your training. Be supportive of those you train with; otherwise focus on yourself and your individual improvement.

6. Use the warm-up.

Use your warm-up to prepare your body and your mind for your workout. If you wait until after you warm up to get your head on straight, you’re going to have a hard time catching up. Start focusing on what you want to accomplish as you warm up so that when the workout begins, you’re ready to go!

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