By Kate Hendley, Rhapsody Fitness Nutritionist

You want to know the big secret to winning fitness and nutrition? That silver bullet? The golden ticket? The white sauce mystery ingredient? Lean in, I’ll tell you… 

There isn’t one. Keep it simple. Be consistent. You’re welcome. 

Nine out of 10 people I come across believe there’s a fix for their physique – some perfect program, special diet or detox tea that is going to get them back to where they were or be the key to unlocking their desired body. 

You may not have found it yet, but, if you keep scrolling, it’ll dance across your feed any day now. 

As I’m sure you’ve gathered, I feel ways about diet culture and the toxic health fads that plague us. We’re fed this notion that our bodies should look a certain way and buy into the idea that if we follow the same steps as someone who has this ideal physique – regardless of their background, genetics or legitimacy – we can have it too. 

I see people fall for this zero sum game time and time again and, frankly, it guts me. The frenzied pursuit of perfection drives us towards these impractical programs and false promises, but the hard truth is that desperation is easier than digging in and doing the hard work. 

Keep It Simple

So, now that we’ve got that out of the way. What actually will work? 

Start slow. Steady, intentional understanding of your body, your baseline, your genetics and your lifestyle are the foundation from which we build. Simply put, begin by listening to your body. It might sound absurd, but, trust me, it’s talking to you. 

Pay attention and react based on cues. Your energy levels, appetite, sleep quality, cravings – all these and more are key data points for understanding what makes you tick and, therefore, what can be tweaked to get you moving towards the best version of yourself. 

Blend this newfound awareness with education. Now that you know yourself a bit better, learn more about what will work best for the unique human you are. Understand the why behind those bodily cues and data points. Bring bonafide experts and trusted coaches into the fold to teach you how to implement new practices throughout your day-to-day life. 

Stay the course. Consistency is queen. Now that you understand your baseline, this is where active decisions become habits. Take it one day at a time, own your choices, give yourself grace and keep on trucking.  

Marry your nutrition with fitness. A match made in heaven, combining conscientious fueling with intentional training will earn you optimal results. One cannot thrive without the other – you will be no more successful trying to outwork a bad diet than making it on chicken breasts and a prayer without movement.

Keeping it simple and staying consistent is your secret to cracking the nutrition and fitness code. Spread the good word. 

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