The holidays are a time of year when we get together with and family and eat, and drink, and be merry, and all the good things that happen when we enjoy (or tolerate) each other’s company. It’s also a time of year when fitness goals can be challenged. It can be easy to skip a gym session when there is an event. And it’s also common for many tasty treats to be passed around. Who does not want a few homemade cookies? A few dozen, that is.

For some, this is literally what they’ve been training for all year. Time to bulk up and hibernate for a few months. Seeya in January. For others, they want as little disruption to their momentum as possible. If you are the former — love it, enjoy! But if the latter is more your gig, or you are somewhere in the middle, keep reading. We’ve got a few tips to help you get into a mindset that will keep you in pursuit of your goals without being a scrooge.

Enjoy Goodies In Moderation

Enjoying tasty treats in moderation isn’t only true during the holidays, but it’s a good habit to keep all year long. Still, this time of year presents many opportunities to go overboard. Depriving yourself is no fun, but neither is overdoing it. Whatever moderation looks like for you, aim for that. It is really surprising how satisfying just one or two bites of a sweet treat can be if you savor and enjoy it.

Stay Consistent

With the uptick in social activities and holiday events, it is easy to start skipping your gym time. Do not do that. Reschedule if you must but stay as consistent as you can. Stay focused on your fundamentals and let the holiday fun be the treat to enjoy once the work is done.

Exercise With Friends or a Trainer

Want a surefire way to stay on track? Have people who can hold you accountable. You might be able to convince yourself that skipping the WOD is a good move, but it is a lot harder if you have people who are looking for you or you are paying for regularly scheduled time with a trainer or a class.

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