Spending too much time with our eyes glued to a screen isn’t healthy. This is a habit that disrupts productivity and sleep. It tends to encourage a more sedentary lifestyle and creates stress and anxiety.

But those screens? They’re not going anywhere. So, rather than eliminating screen time, we must take a different approach. Screen time management! We have to develop effective ways to create discipline around how we view our screens.

How to Manage Your Own Screen Time

1. Have a reason for picking up your phone.

One way to manage your screen time is to be intentional about using your phone. For example, how many times a day do you pick up your phone and just start aimlessly scrolling? You can cut down on scroll time by having a reason for picking up your phone. If you don’t have a reason, then keep your phone out of your hands.

2. Customize your home screen.

Another way to manage your screen time and set yourself up for success is to customize your home screen. If there are apps that you know will suck you in, keep those off your home screen. Instead, keep what’s most important front and center and move everything else so that you have to work a little bit to get to it.

3. Delete distracting apps.

If moving a distracting app off your home screen isn’t enough, consider deleting it. You may not need to remove it from your device permanently but taking a week or two off might be enough to break a bad pattern or habit.

4. Set aside screen-free moments and create screen-free zones.

When managing your screen time, consider adding screen-free moments into your day and creating screen-free zones. There are probably times during the day when you need to be connected and have your device. But there are also probably times when you know you can take a break and leave your phone off or on airplane mode. If you struggle with keeping your phone out of your hands, you might try creating screen-free zones in your house (like the bedroom or the bathroom).

5. Put your device to bed.

If most of your screen time happens at the end of the day, particularly before bed, give your phone a bedtime. If you decide that your screen time ends at 8 pm, put your phone to bed at 8 pm. Giving your device a bedtime will improve the quality of your sleep and is part of an effective bedtime routine.

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