CrossFit is a great tool for improving our health, how we feel and how we look. And while getting stronger and fitter is great, there’s another benefit available, too — enhanced mobility. Mobility is measured by your overall range of motion and adding stretching and other mobility exercises to your routine can unleash your full potential so that you get better results from your WODs and improve your well-being.

What Is Mobility?

Mobility is the ability to comfortably move a joint through its full range of motion. This differs from flexibility, which refers to assisted movement. Think of it like this — if you’ve ever seen someone use one hand to bend the thumb on the opposing hand until it touches their wrist — that’s flexibility. Being able to touch their wrist without the help of the other hand is mobility.

Why Is Range of Motion Important & The Benefits of Mobility

The greater your range of motion, the more you’re able to move without pain — and that’s a major plus for high-intensity athletics like CrossFit. Not to mention the simple but immensely positive effect it has on quality of life.

More Strength

Mobility makes it easier to do techniques, and that consistency means more gains.

Fewer Injuries

Not only does hindered mobility affect your ability to do CrossFit, but it also makes it harder to do them properly. And that’s when injuries happen.

Faster Recovery

Mobility exercises, especially stretching, get the blood flowing to lessen post-workout inflammation, making recovery easier.

Add Mobility Training to Your Routine

Exercise itself doesn’t automatically mean better mobility. You need mobility training that specifically targets your range of motion and there are a couple of ways to do it. First, stretch before and after your workouts. Second, make mobility-oriented exercises and movements part of your workout.


Consistently stretching will improve your range of motion and mobility and reduce injuries. Both before and after your workout, find some space and give yourself 10 to 15 minutes to stretch each muscle group individually. Hold the stretch to a count of thirty and repeat for problem spots and the muscles that are the focus of the WOD. Stretch in a smooth and even motion, don’t bounce. Aim for tension but not pain. If it hurts, you are going too far.

CrossFit Mobility Exercises

In addition to stretching, many CrossFit exercises, like the prone press, Jefferson curl, or single-leg Romanian deadlift can help to promote mobility. There are also some services like ROMWOD which have entire WODs dedicated to working range of motion. The key when performing these exercises is to focus more on movement and motion than exerting maximum strength.

Improving Mobility Will Help You Reach Goals Faster

Stretching regularly and adding mobility-promoting exercises to your WOD will do more than increase your range of motion. You’ll see faster gains, fewer injuries and quicker recoveries if you’re consistent. Making mobility a focal point of your efforts will help you reach your goals.

Here at Rhapsody Fitness, we’re all about all-encompassing gains and that includes range of motion. Mobility exercises are a focus of our WODs. Want to try one? We’d love to have you in and check us out! Check out our programs now.