What is your story? 

My name is Will Buchanan, and I’m 32-years-old, NYC born and southern raised. I am native of South Carolina, and am celebrating eight years in Charleston.

Rhapsody Fitness

Will Buchanan at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.

I am a wellness entrepreneur launching Hustle & Health in 2020, a protein donut bakery and delivery service (guilt free, because we said so…), and an ambassador for Herbalife. I’m also a crewman at Trader Joe’s. 

I enjoy providing support to my clients and exploring ways to make a healthy lifestyle realistic and fun. The goal has always been to build an active lifestyle that actually works and to lead by example. 

What brought you to Rhapsody Fitness? 

I joined Rhapsody in December of 2019 with the goal of building strength and self discipline. 

I actually received an invitation from Issac Bernstein to try a class. I didn’t know him prior, but decided to take a leap of faith – glad I did!

What have you gotten out of your experience with Rhapsody Fitness? 

Starting Rhapsody was life-changing for me. 

Being a new resident of Mount Pleasant, I was happy to find a “Fit Fam.” One that truly cares about your progress and personal growth. I’ve gained a fresh excitement about fitness that I didn’t always have and am motivated to keep hustling.

What has being a part of the Rhapsody Fitness community meant to you? 

The Rhapsody community is all inclusive, and so unique. I also feel like the accountability is unmatched. Ultimately, the love and the support I get from the coaches and other gym goers means the most.

All and all, it keeps me coming back! 

Be strong, stay healthy and let some Rhapsody into your life. To learn more about Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston and our wide range of programs, get in touch with Team Rhapsody today.