Asking your coach a question about your training shows that you’re engaged in the process and open to new information that could help you improve. Which is why most coaches love and appreciate questions!

Here are some examples of questions that your coach wants you to ask (because the answer will help you make progress):

1. Am I doing [insert movement] correctly?

Proper technique sets the foundation for fitness. Your coach wants you to move correctly so that you don’t end up injured or sore. Plus, good technique will help you get more out of each workout. So if you’re not sure if you’re doing a particular exercise the right way, ask!

2. How can I scale this movement (or WOD)?

Another great question to ask your coach is how to scale a workout or a specific movement within the WOD. If you know you can’t do the workout as prescribed, you can opt to scale the load, the number of reps or the movements. Scaling is an art, and there is no one perfect way to scale a workout. If you’re not sure what would work best for you, check in with your coach. They can help you modify the WOD to suit your fitness level and goals.

3. How often should I train?

If you’re wondering how much you should train each week, a quick conversation with your coach could help you figure it out. They will probably ask you a few questions about your goals, experience and lifestyle, so be prepared to fill in those blanks.

4. What metrics should I keep track of?

Keeping track of key metrics from your workouts is a great way to measure progress. If you’re not sure what numbers you should keep track of, ask your coach. Again, this conversation will probably involve your fitness and performance goals. So make sure you have those dialed in.

5. How can I take my training to the next level?

If you’ve been feeling stuck on a fitness plateau, ask your coach for suggestions on how to mix things up and take your training to the next level. They’ll probably have quite a few ideas for ways to challenge you and get you out of your current comfort zone.

It’s not always easy to ask questions. It can feel intimidating, especially in front of a group. But don’t let this hold you back! Remember, you’re not supposed to know everything. And you can always wait until after class to ask your question one-on-one if you’re more comfortable that way.

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