Benefits-of-Recruiting-a-Workout-Buddy-Rhapsody-FitnessThere are so many great things about working out with other people. When you work out with a group, you’re surrounded by a supportive community that shares a lot of your same goals and interests.

It’s possible to amplify all those group workout benefits when you add your special workout buddy to the mix. And here are a few ways that recruiting a workout buddy raises the bar on your workouts and your fitness:

1. Your workouts are way more fun.

Working out with a friend is more fun. You have someone there to laugh (or commiserate) with. And showing up for a tough workout with a buddy might help you look forward to the challenge – rather than dread it.

2. You get a boost in motivation and accountability.

Some days it’s hard to get to the gym. These are the days your workout buddy steps in and helps you with your motivation. You know you’d do the same for them, right? Plus, having someone hold you accountable for that early morning or evening workout can help you stay consistent.

3. You’re more likely to try something new.

Trying something new is a little scary and intimidating. But knowing your buddy is close by provides you with a supplemental source of confidence. You’re more likely to challenge yourself when you have a friend there to cheer you on.

4. You engage in some friendly competition.

A little bit of friendly competition adds intensity to your workouts. Just remember, this is your workout buddy we’re talking about. So keep your competitive spirit friendly and under control. And even if you’re not that competitive, your workout buddy still inspires you to push yourself harder than if you were working out on your own.

5. You share and celebrate the wins together.

Sharing your goals with your buddy gives you someone to celebrate your wins with and vice versa. Even if it seems like the tiniest of victories to you, your buddy understands and will recognize what went into that success.

6. You have someone who “gets it.”

Sometimes all you want is a supportive sounding board. But not all your friends will listen attentively when you talk about hook grips, calluses, or your sweet new pair of lifting shoes. But your workout buddy gets it. All of it.

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