By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC

Rewind to this time last year. If you had told me what Rhapsody Fitness and its resilient community would face in the months to come, I would never have believed you.

And yet, here we all are. Still standing. Better yet, we are thriving.

I am once again humbled by another year coaching, learning from and growing with you marvelous humans. We faced the unknown, came out swinging and came back stronger. 

Reflecting on Rhapsody’s second anniversary, I feel a shift going into our third year together. The foundation is set with our distinct identity, growing team, prime programs and flourishing membership.

Roots run deep, shoots are up and we’re in full bloom. 


Now it’s time to move forward taking Rhapsody’s mission outside of the four walls of our gym in Charleston. 

The first iteration of this progression is Sweat + Serve, our new monthly outreach program combining our signature Sweaty Saturday workout with a hands-on community service project. All about putting some sweat equity and love back into our Charleston community.

Starting strong with Sweat + Serve, we have plenty more in store for year three to include rolling out Rhapsody Recovery, bringing new faces into Team Rhapsody and exciting expansion plans. 

It’s too early to tell you what more is in the works, but y’all know we have some serious momentum with no intention of taking our foot off the gas anytime soon. 

You see, we’re in the business of building better people. Far beyond technique and benchmarks, my goal is for you to become your absolute best in all aspects of life. 

And I’m not stopping until you radiate Rhapsody, that effusively enthusiastic or ecstatic expression of feeling, in any and everything you do. 

So it’s time for us to double down on raising the bar and become the beacons of exceptional standards in everything we do. Are you up for it? I believe in you. I believe in us.