En route to the corner store, Logan was accelerating through an intersection when his OneWheel stopped short and sent him flying. Reflexively, he stuck out an arm to catch himself and the asphalt impact travelled straight up his wrist through to his elbow and broke it. 

In medical terms, Logan fell-on-out-stretched-hand or “FOOSH’d” resulting in a tricky injury triggered by the twisting of the wrist or any load bearing on the arm. 

Spoiler alert, at Rhapsody Fitness, we do many movements that require just that…Olympic lifts, push-ups, pull-ups and muscle-ups to name a few. 

Rhapsody Fitness

Logan Shanks at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.

After surgery to mend the break, Logan was able to do little things around the house, but was hesitant to come back to the gym – concerned he wouldn’t be able to do much with a whole arm essentially out of commission. 

“Rhapsody was the place that encouraged me to come back in, but to take it slow,” said Logan. 

Knowing an injury like this could easily leave him on the sidelines for up to 8 weeks, Logan decided to trust his coaches and give a workout a shot. 

“The community as a whole at Rhapsody is always amazing,” said Logan. “Whenever I’d get to do something for the first time since the break, I’d feel encouraged to push and try to do a little more next time.”

Through creative scaling, careful adaptations, steady strength training and unbridled support, he progressed in healing without losing ground on his overall fitness. 

Looking back, Logan is certain sticking with Rhapsody and it’s CrossFit programming helped expedite his recovery – mentally and physically. Using movement as medicine, he was able continually test and reevaluate progress all while keeping the blood flowing and heart pumping. 

“Working out at Rhapsody is my favorite hour of the day because the staff is great, the community is amazing and it’s a place to just immerse yourself for an hour…so getting back was important to me,” said Logan. “Rhapsody and CrossFit as a methodology helped me strengthen the little parts of my elbow and focus on rehabbing the movements/motions I go through on a daily basis both inside and outside of the gym.” 

Self-proclaimed stubborn, Logan emphasizes listening to your body and, especially, listening to your coaches when it comes to getting back into CrossFit following an injury. 

“I’m someone who is very hard-headed and I want to push myself as far as fast as I can. With injuries in general you should definitely feel things out and realize that you’re not going to be back to 100% immediately.”

By practicing patience, trusting his coaches and leaning on the Rhapsody family, Logan went from FOOSH to full send in record time. 

On a last note, he adds, “CrossFit and its programming is infinitely scalable and there are always options of other movements or workouts that you can do, no matter what part of your body is hurt and how long ago you hurt it.”

Looking to get back into the gym after an injury? Let Rhapsody be part of your recovery. To learn more about Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston and our range of programs, get in touch with Team Rhapsody today.