Sock-It-To-Me-Rhapsody-CrossFitHow could something as ordinary as a pair of socks really affect your workouts? Aren’t socks just a fashion statement? Or is there something functional about what you put on your feet?

It turns out, those size 6, 9 or 11+ details matter. They matter so much that socks have become a staple in the CrossFit community. And it’s not just because of fashion.

Yes, your socks are a way to express yourself. But they also play a functional role in protecting your body (namely your shins) and helping you recover after a workout.

Express yourself.

Can’t you just wear black or white socks? Sure you can! But you can also choose to sport a unique design that shows off your personality and individuality. When you’re able to express yourself, you send out plenty of positive vibes. And those good vibes might be just the thing you need to get through that last set of burpees or to set a new PR.

Protect yourself.

For those workouts that are full of box jumps, deadlifts, cleans and rope climbs, your shins will thank you when it’s all over. Wearing knee-high socks creates a protective layer between your skin and the bar, box, or rope.

Compress yourself.

Some types of socks include compression materials. Along with leg movement, the compression in your socks can add just enough pressure to improve blood flow and aid in recovery.

Treat yo’ self.

Not all socks are created equal. You’ll want to find something that’s not only comfortable but also breathable and durable. Rather than making do with whatever you happen to find in your sock drawer, treat yourself to a pair of socks that’s as tough as you are.

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