By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC

“I’m not ready for CrossFit because I’m training for <insert sport of choice here>.”


The reality is that CrossFit is an ideal program for enhancing, honing and strengthening performance across any and all sports. 

There’s a reason CrossFit in and of itself is a sport. Focused on perfecting fundamental movements, to get better at it requires consistent, committed training of mechanics in order to maximize the efficiency and power of each movement. 

Based on this distilled definition alone, it stands to reason that CrossFit methodology will translate and adapt to improve performance across any sport. Train, observe, analyze and repeat. 

I’ve seen a handful of competitive runners step into Rhapsody Fitness with incredible aerobic capacity but little muscle. Afraid to bulk or become heavier, there is often an initial resistance to the programming, namely strength training. 

Over time, these athletes begin to realize that by building those supporting muscles, diversifying their regimen from pounding mile after mile, and pushing different methods of conditioning, their bodies recomp and become even better weapons to wield for the next race. 

Rhapsody Fitness

Sport-Specific Training at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.


On that note, we have an ideal opportunity to revisit the difference of training versus competing. Training is what we do 90% of the time at Rhapsody. While we are training, we are chasing virtuosity in movement, drilling skill and building that engine so that when it’s time for competition, that brief moment we put it all to the test – we are ready. 

Whether your competitive arena is on turf or 50+ miles up a mountain, most of your time and energy should be invested in training, which is exactly what we do here at Rhapsody. 


One of our coaches just started working with a competitive pole vaulter. Spoiler alert, although this coach is a force with a dynamic athletic background, she has never pole vaulted a day in her life. 

However, as a coach, she studies the movements and analyzes nuances involved with a pole vault before mapping it all back to the mobility and muscles that need to be strengthened and conditioned in order to most effectively use a fiberglass pole to launch the human body over a bar.

Now, do not mistake me, at some point, our pole vaulter will want to get his hands on a pole and practice, but, in the interim or off-season, his Rhapsody coach can help him progress towards his goals under an expert eye and careful supervision.    


Building on our group programs and personal training options, Rhapsody’s Sport-Specific Training is a dynamic, custom program designed to prepare you for your chosen challenge so you may compete at your highest level.

Depending on your sport of choice, we will help you navigate how to incorporate CrossFit workouts with supplemental training and nutrition to achieve peak performance.

From strength-biased training for the linebacker to aerobic endurance for the distance runner, Rhapsody Fitness is here to help you show up in spades for your main event.

Festivus Games? Cooper River Bridge Run? GoRuck? Ironman? High School or College Sports? We say, game on! 

To learn more about Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston and our range of programs, get in touch with Team Rhapsody today.