Many know the story of the Amazons – the mythological race of immortal warrior women dwelling on a mystically hidden land far and away from the world of men. Legend has it, descendants of this feared female tribe still walk among us today.

Many centuries ago…

Many centuries ago in Amazonia, women ruled and all was well.

Then, one fateful day, Hercules, the strongest of men, succumbed to taunts that he could not conquer these fiercest of femme creatures. Knowing he was no match, Hercules used flattery and flirtation to distract the all-powerful Queen Hippolyta stealing her most prized possession, a magical belt gifted to her by Aphrodite, and her freedom.

After clawing her way back from bondage and shame, Hippolyta vowed to safeguard and protect her sisters far and wide. But she could not do it alone. With a heavy heart, she enlisted the service of her best soldiers, the Shebeasts, an elite band of warriors commanding the utmost respect among Amazons as the undeterred and unbeatable no matter the challenge.

Without hesitation, the Shebeasts graciously accepted their charge and set sail for the shores of men willing to set aside immortality and life in paradase for a world that would reward their greatness with corsets, overpriced pink pens and the tampon tax.

Although the Shebeasts would cover scores of sacred Amazonian texts, as years and generations passed, the descendants of these legendary women lost their identity – unaware of their divine heritage and the warrior blood running deep within their veins.

The legend continues…

The lineage of the mighty Shebeasts still walk among us today.

These special women are drawn to feats of strength and fortitude while embodying beauty and brains to compliment sheer brawn. You may find these modern champions training thighs fit to crush the souls of a thousand men, standing strong against the dreaded mansplain or stiletto-sprinting from one slay to the next – all while tragically unaware of the goddess within.