There are so many options to choose from when considering an exercise program, and everyone’s fitness journey is going to be different. We all have different bodies and different needs.

That’s why women should try CrossFit.

CrossFit is a training program that builds strength and conditioning through extremely varied and challenging workouts. With more than 5,000 affiliate gyms across the U.S., CrossFit isn’t just for gym rats and powerlifters – more than 60% of CrossFit athletes worldwide are women. Despite CrossFit’s macho image, the promise of functional fitness has seen thousands of women choose this extremely varied and challenging mix of cardio, weightlifting and gymnastic movements…and fall in love with it.

Crossfit workouts focus on learning new skills and hitting goals. It’s one of the reasons why so many women enjoy it. It takes the focus away from the scales and puts it into performance. Instead of focusing on their appearance, women get to see what their body can actually accomplish – and that feels empowering!

Yes, CrossFit can be intimidating and challenging. But it’s extremely rewarding. CrossFit is good for women who want to burn fat, build strength and increase confidence. Here are some other reasons why women should try CrossFit:

It doesn’t take a lot of time

Most of us lead very busy lives, and we need a fitness program that fits our schedule. That’s why CrossFit classes are 60 minutes long (or less) and are designed for speed. The WOD (or Workout Of the Day) includes a mix of weight training and cardio and can be completed at your own pace. Finish it quickly, and you’re done for the day.

This is one of the top reasons CrossFit works for women on the go.

You’ll learn proper form

If you’re worried about getting hurt, CrossFit is actually obsessive about correct form and injury prevention. Innately curious, constantly learning and delightfully entertaining, our team is on a mission to safely train your body to move in the ways for which it was built.

Everything can be scaled and modified

The key to CrossFit workouts is scaling to the individual athletes’ ability. Our coaches have speciality certifications in gymnastics, running, weightlifting, Strongman and adaptive training – all who are trained to correctly help athletes scale and modify movements as necessary.

You’ll find support and community

CrossFit mixes premier fitness with the healthy atmosphere of community. The best gyms create a sense of teamwork and camaraderie. And more advanced athletes are eager to share training tips with newbies, or stay behind to cheer them on while they finish a workout. You’ll sweat and struggle with these people, and build friendships that extend into everyday life.

You’ll see (and feel) the results

Most people start out in CrossFit to change themselves aesthetically. And why not? Adding a little bit of muscle while losing fat is a recipe for a killer physique. But once they’ve reached that level, they focus on getting stronger and perfecting movements they thought they’d never accomplish.

Women aren’t intimidated by lifting heavy weights and building lean muscle, or doing the same high-intensity workouts as men.

So, does CrossFit make women bulky?

Not unless that’s your goal. Because CrossFit is a mix of workouts that focus on agility, flexibility and endurance as well as strength, you’re more likely to burn calories and tone muscles. It’s possible to bulk up if you want to, but it requires the proper diet and focus on weightlifting. But if you’re worried that you might get bulky by accident, you can relax.

Regardless of what you may have heard, CrossFit offers plenty of benefits to women individually and as a community – especially those who want to push and challenge themselves. There’s never been a better time for women to try CrossFit. Your discipline and perseverance at the gym will reward you with a long, healthy future.

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