Let’s talk about Murph at Rhapsody!

Rhapsody CrossFit

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The event will start on Sunday, May 24 at 6PM and run for 24 hours with a heat kicking off every 90 minutes. Make sure to reserve your spot now! Extra credit for those attacking the workout in the overnight hours.

Now, let’s talk about what Murph should be for you. Since most of us have not been on a pull-bar in several weeks, it’s time to set our egos aside and plan a safe approach to the workout.

Murph is high volume. To go from minimal pulling to a high volume pull-up workout is a recipe for trouble. Adding a weight vest to the pull-ups could easily expose you to potential injury. Due to the difficulty of disinfecting weight vests, the Rhapsody vests will not be available for use. 

Murph is what you make it. We’ve done a lot of running, push-ups and squats recently. Attack those hard. For the pull-ups…be smart. Reduce the volume and approach the workout as rounds of Cindy instead of unpartitioned. Team Rhapsody will of course help chart a plan that is right for you.

Let’s keep it safe and focus on what Murph is truly about – celebrating those who serve our great country and to those who paid the ultimate price in her defense.

Be strong, stay healthy and let some Rhapsody into your life. To learn more about Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston and our wide range of programs, get in touch with Team Rhapsody today.