The overhead squat is a squat performed with weight held overhead. It’s a complex movement that demands full-body strength and mobility. Not to mention it is a killer core exercise that also builds balance, coordination and body awareness.

Take the time to learn how to properly squat with weight over your head. Start with a PVC pipe before graduating to an empty barbell. Learn the following points of performance, and your overhead lifts, like the jerk and snatch, will benefit.

Overhead-Squat-Demo-1-Rhapsody-FitnessPoints of Performance: The Overhead Squat

Points of performance for the overhead squat are similar to both the air squat and front squat. Obviously, the biggest difference is that the load moves over your head (and stays there).

Starting Stance with Overhead Position

Begin with feet shoulder-width apart. Take a wide grip on the barbell and bring the bar above the head with arms extended. Actively press up into the bar with armpits facing out.

(Finding the barbell position where the bar is directly over your head – and over the middle of both feet – is a critical element in learning the overhead squat. As you dial in the points of performance for the overhead squat, you might be surprised at what “directly overhead” feels like.)

Overhead-Squat-Demo-2-Rhapsody-FitnessDescend into the Squat

With the bar directly overhead, descend while keeping shoulders active. Push up into the bar as the hips move back and down. Keep heels down and maintain the curve in the low back.

Bottom Position

The bottom position is where the hips descend below the knees. Keep the upper body active and core tight with the bar still tracking over the middle of the feet.

Back to Starting Position

Maintain active shoulders and rise back up to full hip and knee extension.

The overhead squat is another movement where mobility can quickly become a limiting factor. Stay true to the points of performance and work within your current range of motion using PVC pipe or a very light load. Be patient, and over time, your ankle, hip, shoulder and wrist mobility will improve.

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