Points of Performance: The Push Press

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Points of Performance: The Push Press

Push-Press-1-Rhapsody-FitnessThe push press resembles the shoulder press with one key difference: the introduction of power from the hips. By recruiting larger muscle groups and moving quickly to generate momentum, you’ll be able to press heavier loads from your shoulders to overhead while building strength, speed and power.

Points of Performance: The Push Press

The points of performance for the push press are very similar to the shoulder press. Once you’re set up for the push press, remember three things: dip, drive and press.

Starting Position

Start by standing with hips about shoulder-width apart, the heels underneath the hips. Take a full grip on the barbell with hands just outside the shoulders. Elbows should be slightly in front of the bar.

Push-Press-2-Rhapsody-FitnessDip, Drive, Press

With the core tight, dip straight down, keeping the torso vertical.

Explode out of the dip by quickly extending (opening) the hips and extending the legs. Use momentum to drive the bar overhead.

Press the bar straight overhead; move the head back, so it’s out of the bar’s path. Once the bar is overhead, knees, hips and elbows should be at full extension.

Push-Press-3-Rhapsody-FitnessA Few More Tips

Keep torso vertical and core tight: Keep your chest up and avoid leaning forward during the dip.

Generate power: The push press is meant to be a dynamic movement with power coming from your hips. You create this power by moving quickly out of the dip, generating the power needed to send the bar overhead.

Core first, then extremities: Take advantage of the momentum you’re generating from your hips. If you initiate the press overhead before your hips and legs extend, you’ll lose that extra boost of power.

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