Success in any area of life doesn’t happen overnight. It requires direction, practice, awareness, realistic expectations and consistency. So whether you’re aiming for results at the gym or in another part of your life, here are some ideas on how to set yourself up for long-term success:

1. Know where you’re headed by setting goals.

If you don’t know where you’re headed or what future success looks like, it’s going to be difficult to end up where you want to be. Define what you want to work toward by setting goals. Once you know where you’re headed, think about the smaller steps you need to take to reach your big goal. Focusing on accomplishing these smaller goals will bring you closer and closer to your bigger goal and success.

2. Practice through repetition.

Learning a skill is not a one-time occurrence. If you practice a skill or technique once or twice, you won’t make much progress in your practice. There is a reason why skills and drills are a part of every WOD! Drill as much as you can and keep practicing through repetition.

3. Listen to your body.

Another way to set yourself up for success is to listen to your body and take care of yourself. Make sure you’re recovering well between training sessions, fueling your body with nutritious foods and getting plenty of sleep.

4. Accept mistakes and expect setbacks.

There is no way around it; you will make mistakes or take steps backward. Rather than trying to avoid messing up, accept that mistakes are part of the learning process. Don’t let a setback stop you from continuing your journey. Instead, learn from the things that challenge you and take small steps forward.

5. Create a sustainable training routine.

Setting yourself up for success also involves creating a sustainable training routine. First, figure out the ideal schedule for you and your goals, and then make that schedule into a consistent habit. If you take on more than is realistic or manageable, don’t abandon the plan altogether. Instead, make tweaks and adjustments that allow you to keep moving forward and making progress.

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