You’re not going to crush every workout. Becoming a better version of yourself happens through both the highs and the lows. Which means that sometimes raising the bar on your health and fitness means putting the barbell down.

The score on the whiteboard is not a reflection of who you are. Your worth is not tied to your results. Today may not be your day, but you’ll be ready for the next one. Or the one after that. Set a new PR for taking care of yourself. 3…2…1…recover.

Get out of your head and into the moment. And the movements. Breathe. Deep inhale. Long, slow exhale. Be kind to yourself. Listen to your body and your mind and be careful what you say to yourself.

Tough love can be gentle. When you don’t want to go, go anyway. If you’re pushing too far, pull back. Whenever you’re digging deep, smile. Positive vibes, always.

Find ways to challenge yourself. Strengthen your strengths as well as your weaknesses. Stop waiting for burpees to get easier. Find a new favorite movement. Conquer the workouts that are full of your kryptonite.

Set goals and realistic expectations. Strive for improvement, not perfection. If you walk away feeling defeated, come back feeling curious. Organize your limits and recognize the difference between reaching further and overreaching. Look for tiny signs of progress and celebrate those subtle successes.

Stop trying to multi-task during a workout. Give your body and brain some space. Silence the mental notifications and reminders to do all the things. To be all the things. For 60 minutes, put yourself on airplane mode and focus on your fitness. And yourself.

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