By Whitney Dunn, Rhapsody Coaches Mentorship Program at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC

Won’t my arms get too big?

What about my thunder thighs?

Will I get bulky? 

Ladies. Let’s talk about body image. These are just a few of the many questions (laced with self-criticism…) I hear from the wonder women inside and outside the four walls of our gym in Charleston. 

I can sit here and tell you that your chiseled arms are sexy AF, you want thighs thick as peanut butter and getting “too bulky” isn’t a thing, but these (self-deprecating) inquiries are seeded in something deeper and darker. 

To get to the heart of it, I want to counter these questions with my own.

Rhapsody Fitness

Whitney Dunn at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.

If strength is so good for your body, why wouldn’t you want it?

The goal of CrossFit is general physical preparedness  – making sure your body is capable of doing what you need it to do when you need to do it for all your live-long days. 

For some of us, it may be hoisting a squirming toddler out of her crib or not thinking twice about hauling two 25 lbs. grocery sacks up the stairs. For others, it’s the stamina to stay on her feet through a 10-hour shift while 6-months pregnant, or belief that if she can pick up that barbell, she can slay whatever comes at her in the boardroom.  

Imagine a world where your body’s ability to execute was what you focused on first and you enthusiastically embraced your capacity to be strong. Gives me chills… 

Do these insecurities come from you, or are they imposed on you?

Moment of truth. When you hear that nay-sayer telling you your thighs are too big, your belly is too soft, or your muscles aren’t feminine…is that voice, in fact, your own? 

Peel back the layers of that onion, and I suspect you’ll discover that voice belongs to some internet troll, high school bully or ignorant mouthpiece intimidated and afraid of you at your strongest.

Drown them out. I want to hear you.    

Are you surrounded by people who celebrate the beauty of you at your best? 

Look to your left, look to your right. Do the people around you challenge you to go for that heavier lift, cheer you on when you push your edge, and we-need-more-cow-bell celebrate your capability? 

Or do they tell you to shrink – eat less, weigh less, be less? It may be time to find new friends, sis. 

I am proud to be a part of the Rhapsody Fitness community on many fronts, but among the first is how our coaches and athletes embrace body diversity and encourage the pursuit of our strongest, healthiest selves. Numbers on the scale be damned. 

Listen, I get to be human sometimes means looking in the mirror and not feeling your naked energy (although you should, because you’re fire!), but let’s make those moments exceptions to the rule. 

Before you question yourself again, I challenge you to reclaim and redefine your standard of beauty so that you see and shamelessly adore the badass Shebeast you are today, and will pay it forward by empowering the next wave of women tomorrow.     

We are Rhapsody. And we know strong is sexy. 

To learn more about how Rhapsody Fitness can help you be a Shebeast, check out our range of programs and get in touch with Team Rhapsody today.