Eating “Mostly” Healthy While On Vacation


We've all been there. We get home from a week-long vacation and feel...awful. The "I'm on vacation" mindset gets the best of us, and our stomach pays the price. After all, isn't vacation your chance to indulge and just eat whatever you want? We get it. When you finally take the vacation you've been [...]

Eating “Mostly” Healthy While On Vacation2021-07-19T14:03:12+00:00

Protein, Pre-Workout or Coffee


What’s the best thing to consume before a workout? Protein shakes? A pre-workout? But The foods and drinks you consume before and after workouts can be a highly contested topic. And if it seems like there are a lot of differing opinions and too many options to choose from, it’s because the honest [...]

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Fuel Your Fire: The Key 3 For Endurance Training


By Eliot McPherson, Nutritionist for Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC Your endurance event is officially on the books and it’s all-in for the weeks of training to get you ready for race day. You have your training program and plan mapped out, but how to fuel for all those miles is still murky. I [...]

Fuel Your Fire: The Key 3 For Endurance Training2020-10-13T18:01:29+00:00

Feeling Salty


For the past several years, salt has earned a bit of a bad reputation. Too much salt in your diet leads to high blood pressure, right? Well, it might for certain individuals. But it turns out that salt may not be as evil as you might think. Sodium 101 Salt is an electrolyte that [...]

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Eliot McPherson Leads Rhapsody Nutrition


Nutritionist Eliot McPherson joins Team Rhapsody to lead Rhapsody Nutrition. While Eliot was pursuing higher education at Clemson University, his father suffered a massive stroke impairing speech and motor control. Immediately after, he changed his major from Civil Engineering to Food Science and Human Nutrition to answer the call to stop chronic disease and impact [...]

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The Imbibing Athlete: 4 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Performance and Recovery


If you have a glass of red wine or a beer with dinner, how will this affect your workout the next day? The effects of alcohol vary from person to person. And those effects will also depend on the type of alcohol consumed, the amount and your individual tolerance. If you're an imbibing athlete, [...]

The Imbibing Athlete: 4 Ways Alcohol Affects Your Performance and Recovery2020-04-20T21:10:15+00:00

Rhapsody Nutrition


Becoming your best depends on how you fuel your fire and feed your drive - it begins and ends with nutrition.  A critical component of health and performance, proper nutrition requires going far beyond fitness fads and diets to change your relationship with food at its core.  Rhapsody Nutrition is here to help you [...]

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5 Essential Habits For Lifelong Health


Building a foundation for lifelong health doesn't just happen overnight. It takes small and consistent effort in all of life's daily actions. But where do you start? What habits are most essential? Here are five essential habits for lifelong health: 1. Exercise Exercise is so much more than burning calories and controlling your weight. [...]

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This Is What We Train For – Constantly Varied To Face The Unknown


By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC By now the adrenaline has worn off and the reality of the grind ahead is settling in. You may be overwhelmed, exhausted and tempted to press pause on your fitness - hibernate with your quarantine snacks, flip on never-ending Netflix and [...]

This Is What We Train For – Constantly Varied To Face The Unknown2021-02-23T13:19:24+00:00

Rhapsody Online Personal Training


Get your fit on wherever you are with Rhapsody Online Personal Training. Blending prime coaching, dynamic workouts, goal-based nutrition and our signature Rhapsody experience, get the personalized plan and high-touch support you need to raise the bar on your health and fitness from anywhere in the world. Starting with a virtual assessment and nutrition [...]

Rhapsody Online Personal Training2021-02-23T13:19:30+00:00
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