On the surface, boxes and gyms can all seem very similar. Equipment, music, hopefully nice towel service. But one other thing really distinguishes one box from the next — the community of people who are present. It’s a big part of CrossFit so let’s spend a little time talking about what makes a great CrossFit community and what we’re trying to create here at Rhapsody.

1. It’s a Healthy Place

We are not talking about physical health. We mean the attitude, spirit, and environment. A CrossFit box should be like a crayon — non-toxic. You want a positive feeling in the air, friendly faces, and encouraging feedback. Everyone of all ages, genders, backgrounds, and fitness levels should feel welcome and have their achievements celebrated.

2. The Programs Are Well-Run

Let’s face it, the facilities and programs can only be as good as the effort extended by the people who manage them. Fortunately, CrossFit coaches are extremely passionate, and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a box with clear, direct instructors who start on time and push you to be your best.

3. Shared Lifestyles

CrossFit is the preferred path for a lot of people who make fitness a top priority in their life. That level of training and dedication requires as much work outside the box as it does inside. Sharing time with other people who “get it” because they’re doing it, too, can be highly beneficial for helping you reach your own goals.

4. Community Involvement

Community involvement is one of the most rewarding things about CrossFit, and every box gives back in its own way. At Rhapsody, we started Sweat + Serve, an outreach program in our Charleston community. We’re also excited to make the Rhapsody United in Strength Scholarship available to young adults from underserved communities.

Rhapsody Fitness Is the CrossFit Community in Charleston

At Rhapsody Fitness, we are on a mission to be the best CrossFit community in Charleston. We do it by giving back and offering exceptional programming from outstanding coaches who care. So, whether you’re a beginner or experienced at CrossFit, just bring a good attitude, and you will fit right in. Come and check us out with a free session. We’d love to have you!