By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC

I just celebrated my 37th trip around the sun.

Although it’s been a great ride so far and I’m banking on many (many…) more, this was a benchmark birthday for me. From where I’m standing, I have three short years to 40 with some serious headway to make between now and then. 

It’s the halfway point that’s hit me. The average life expectancy for an American dropped to 76.1 years in 2022. Trust and believe that I’m doing all the good work and investing that sweet sweat equity to land on the upper end of this spread, but, still, appreciate the adage that, “we think we have more time than we do.”

Pick that chin up. This isn’t meant to be a downer – in fact, quite the opposite. I am awesomely motivated by taking a hard look at who you are, knowing what you want and creating a sense of urgency to make it happen for yourself. 

5 Big Truths

As I look at three short years to the big 4-0, here are five big truths that I’m taking with me.

  1. My younger self deserves an apology. We’re evaluated, put in boxes and told what we can or cannot do at such a young age by others. My inner child needs some space to try new things and see where he shines, so I’m going to give him that. 
    Alan Shaw in Les Misérables

    Alan Shaw (right) in the 25th Anniversary production of Les Misérables.

  2. You can be both, any or all of it. I’m an actor with a career on Broadway who found a fire as a CrossFit coach in New York and opened a gym in Charleston. I used to think I had to choose between these versions of me, but now I realize I never did. 
  3. Day one or one day. I can get overwhelmed by grand ideas and lofty goals – forgetting that those big moves come from small, manageable steps made each and every day. 
  4. Callings are quieter than we expect them to be. There’s a stereotype around these cataclysmic “AH-HAH” moments that should part seas and make our paths obvious. In my experience, however, inspiration speaks a bit softer and is often a slower burn. 
  5. It’s going to be harder than you think and take longer than you think, but it is all still worth doing. The suck is temporary and you have a perfect track record of making it through to the other side.

Your Turn

Your turn. What barrier will you break through this year? What truth will you take with you moving forward? 

Whether it’s chasing a fitness goal you convinced yourself you couldn’t do, choosing to put your health and wellness first, or simply giving yourself the freedom to try something new, I hope you decide your best is yet to come and act on that. I have and I will, so stay tuned. 

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Alan Shaw

Alan Shaw at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.