Exercising regularly is a fantastic way to support your health and wellness. But just getting to the gym alone will not do it all. Diet, sleep, and other factors can all influence how you feel and even the effectiveness of your fitness program. Let’s look at a few of the essential habits you can — and should — incorporate into your day to support your training.  

1. Drink Water & Stay Hydrated

The human body is two-thirds water, and that should give you an idea of just how important it is to stay hydrated. Getting enough water helps your metabolism, it carries nutrients to the cells in your body, helps to flush out waste, keeps your organs and bodily systems functioning, and everything else. And for athletes who regularly train and work up a sweat, staying hydrated is that much more important. Chronic, low-grade dehydration is a frequent problem for many people who simply forget to drink enough water throughout the day. Get yourself a water bottle and keep it with you. Adult women need about three liters per day, adult men should get about four.

2. Log Your Workouts

Logging your workouts is a straightforward way to make sure that you are working towards your goals. While there is no rule against simply exercising and not keeping track of anything, when you keep a record of your exercises, reps, sets, weights, and the like, it enables you to both watch your progress and push it forward much faster. And it is another way to hold yourself accountable for your training calendar.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Are you getting enough sleep every night? If you are not, you are holding yourself back. Adults need seven to nine hours to rest, recover, and be rested for the following day — especially if you train. The time you spend asleep is when your muscles are repairing themselves. Not to mention that a healthy sleep routine supports your health in countless ways, including promoting normal hormone balance — and that is essential to get the best gains. Bottom line, make sleep a priority in your life.

4. Practice Mindfulness

Few things make us as calm as mental clarity and mindfulness is a helpful way to achieve it. Mindfulness is being present — slowing down your thoughts and paying attention to where you are physically at and what you are doing. Do not rush, move at a comfortable pace. Practicing mindfulness outside the gym can help you deal with stress and have mental peace. And mindfulness while you are exercising puts you even more in touch with your breathing and movements. Try it!

5. Get Your Diet in Order

We’ve all heard the saying — you are what you eat. While that is one way to put it, there is no getting around the fact diet has a huge effect on physical health. And good nutrition is even more important when you train. You need energy to work out, and your muscles need all the right nutrients to recover fully and grow. That means all your vitamins, minerals, clean carbs, healthy fats, lean protein and low or no refined sugar, saturated fats, and the like. 

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