How often have you showed up at the gym, scanned through the WOD, and secretly hoped that you wouldn’t find burpees on the board? Yep, been there.

It’s no secret that burpees are tough. But there are quite a few reasons to embrace the burpee in all its challenging glory.

Here are five reasons why we love burpees, and you should too. (Or at the very least, a few reasons to despise them a little less.)

1. Burpees are simple.

One reason to love burpees is the simplicity of the movement. Because you don’t need any special equipment, you can do them anywhere. So if you’re traveling and don’t have access to a gym, you can still get a great workout in by incorporating burpees!

2. Burpees are among the most effective functional movements.

Burpees work pretty much every single muscle group in your body. This makes them among the most effective functional movements out there.

3. Burpees demand a lot from your body.

Because burpees are a functional movement, they also demand a lot from your body. And not just your muscles. Burpees have a high oxygen demand, resulting in a higher level of energy expenditure. Basically, burpees burn quite a few calories in a short amount of time.

4. Burpees are a good indicator of fitness.

No matter how fit you become, burpees will never be “easy.” However, they’re still a good indicator of your fitness. As your fitness level improves, you’ll be able to move more efficiently or require less rest in between sets.

5. Burpees challenge your mind.

Not only are burpees a great physical challenge, but they also challenge your mind. This is because burpees push you to keep going. So when you’re in the middle of a set of burpees, you’re also training your mind to tell your body to keep going and not give up.

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