Rhapsody Turns 2 – Moving The Mission Outside These Four Walls


By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC Rewind to this time last year. If you had told me what Rhapsody Fitness and its resilient community would face in the months to come, I would never have believed you. And yet, here we all are. Still standing. Better yet, we [...]

Rhapsody Turns 2 – Moving The Mission Outside These Four Walls2021-02-23T13:18:34+00:00

Sweat + Serve – Rhapsody Fitness Introduces Community Service and Outreach Program


First you sweat, then you serve.  Spearheaded by Rhapsody member Lee Davis, we are excited to introduce Sweat + Serve, a new outreach program combining our signature Sweaty Saturday workout with a hands-on community service project. As we approach our third year, Rhapsody Fitness is doubling down on taking our mission outside of the four [...]

Sweat + Serve – Rhapsody Fitness Introduces Community Service and Outreach Program2021-02-23T13:18:40+00:00

Anyone, Not Everyone: Meet Rhapsody Athlete Caitlin Guthrie


Raising the bar on what it means to be a hungry athlete, Caitlin Guthrie has an insatiable appetite for chasing down the competition and becoming her best.  What is your story? I grew up in Chicago and went to University of Kansas for undergrad. After graduation, I took a few years off living in Chicago [...]

Anyone, Not Everyone: Meet Rhapsody Athlete Caitlin Guthrie2020-06-14T13:47:46+00:00

We Are Rhapsody


We are a community for everyone. We are Rhapsody. From day one, Rhapsody was built on the foundation of community first. Our mission is to raise the bar on health and fitness by cultivating humble, hungry and happy athletes across all races, genders, sexual orientations, walks and creeds. Team Rhapsody fully supports the Black [...]

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Rhapsody Fitness Acquires CrossFit Charleston


Rhapsody Fitness is excited to announce the acquisition of CrossFit Charleston, one of the original CrossFit gyms in the Lowcountry.  “CrossFit Charleston set a standard for the passionate pursuit of fitness, and we are thrilled to carry the torch forward as part of the Rhapsody family,” says Rhapsody Co-Founder Trinity Wheeler. Founded in 2008, [...]

Rhapsody Fitness Acquires CrossFit Charleston2021-02-23T13:19:01+00:00

Lee Davis Completes 16 Murphs in 24 Hours


Rhapsody CrossFit Athlete, Citadel Alumnus Breaks Record - Lee Davis Completes 16 Murphs in 24 Hours Rhapsody CrossFit athlete and Military College of South Carolina Citadel alumnus, Lee Davis, sets the new record for consecutive Murphs completed within 24 hours by accomplishing 16 rounds in 22 hours and 3 minutes.  “After doing a 100-mile [...]

Lee Davis Completes 16 Murphs in 24 Hours2020-05-28T08:09:09+00:00

Eliot McPherson Leads Rhapsody Nutrition


Nutritionist Eliot McPherson joins Team Rhapsody to lead Rhapsody Nutrition. While Eliot was pursuing higher education at Clemson University, his father suffered a massive stroke impairing speech and motor control. Immediately after, he changed his major from Civil Engineering to Food Science and Human Nutrition to answer the call to stop chronic disease and impact [...]

Eliot McPherson Leads Rhapsody Nutrition2020-05-20T13:59:44+00:00

Sock It To Me


How could something as ordinary as a pair of socks really affect your workouts? Aren’t socks just a fashion statement? Or is there something functional about what you put on your feet? It turns out, those size 6, 9 or 11+ details matter. They matter so much that socks have become a staple in [...]

Sock It To Me2020-05-26T09:58:54+00:00

Let’s Talk About Murph


Let's talk about Murph at Rhapsody! Get your Rhapsody USA tee at Shop Rhapsody today! The event will start on Sunday, May 24 at 6PM and run for 24 hours with a heat kicking off every 90 minutes. Make sure to reserve your spot now! Extra credit for those attacking the workout in [...]

Let’s Talk About Murph2020-05-18T17:31:27+00:00

My Rhapsody: Finding Great White Buffalos With Zak Barry


My Rhapsody: Zak Barry talks of feeling grounded and finding his great white buffalos at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston. What is your story?  Zak Barry at Rhapsody CrossFit in Charleston, SC. I moved to Charleston from Seattle in March of 2019 after asking to be stationed at Charleston Air Force Base for both [...]

My Rhapsody: Finding Great White Buffalos With Zak Barry2020-05-15T07:43:10+00:00
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