Are you curious about CrossFit but find yourself asking the question, “Is CrossFit too intense for me?” Is the intimidation around intensity holding you back from giving it a try?

There are a lot of assumptions about CrossFit. And one of the most common assumptions revolves around intensity.

Is CrossFit too intense?

What do you expect to see when you step through the door of a CrossFit box (aka, gym)? Superfit athletes lifting heavy weights, sprinting through a workout and pushing you out of their way? While that does sound intense, it’s not what CrossFit is all about.

CrossFit is about meeting you where you are in your fitness journey. And if you have some fitness goals in mind, yes, the programming of CrossFit can push you to new limits. And intensity is a part of that.

But that intensity is always relative. To you. To your individual limits, level of fitness and goals.

Technique and consistency come first.

CrossFit is so much more than intensity. Whether it’s your first workout or your 101st, technique and consistency always come before intensity. Once you’ve learned how to move well and established a solid workout routine, then you start to bump up the level of intensity. If you’ve never done an Olympic lift, hung from a pull-up bar or climbed a rope, you’ll learn how to do all of those things with good technique. And as you learn and progress your skills, the intensity will come.

Expect a gradual ramp-up.

Your CrossFit coaches are there to help you work hard, build strength and improve fitness. And while they want you to succeed, they don’t expect big changes to happen after one workout. Your coaches are there to guide you and help you manage your expectations. Rather than expecting a killer workout that will get you results after one day, expect a gradual ramp-up. Keep showing up and make progress at a pace that is reasonable for you.

Scaling is always an option.

Part of what makes the intensity of a CrossFit workout relative to your unique abilities is the art of scaling. Scaling a workout is always an option. If you can’t do a workout as it’s written on the whiteboard (as Rx’d), it doesn’t mean you’re out of your league or that you don’t belong. Set your ego and expectations aside and scale the workout so that it aligns with your fitness level and goals.

Give it a try.

If you’re curious about CrossFit, give it a try. Show up ready to find a level of intensity that works for you. Then, gradually start to push that threshold by learning proper skills and staying consistent over time. Challenge yourself to try something different. And who knows? You might just discover new ways to make a positive impact in other areas of your life.

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