Essential-Habits-for-Lifelong-Health-Rhapsody-CrossFitBuilding a foundation for lifelong health doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes small and consistent effort in all of life’s daily actions.

But where do you start? What habits are most essential? Here are five essential habits for lifelong health:

1. Exercise

Exercise is so much more than burning calories and controlling your weight. It’s true that exercise does those things. But it also leads to an unbelievable amount of health benefits that go beyond weight loss. Regular exercise improves your cardiovascular health, boosts your immune system and increases your confidence and energy levels. Getting regular physical activity is also a great way to relieve stress and calm your mind.

2. Nutrition

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “Food is fuel.” The foods you eat are where you get your energy for your workouts, as well as your daily life. Healthy food choices lead to more energy, increased productivity, as well as better workouts. And eating well doesn’t have to be about being on a specific or special diet. We all have unique needs, but generally speaking, good nutrition comes from eating real, wholesome foods. Build healthy eating habits through consistent planning and meal prep, smart grocery shopping, and eating (or preparing) the majority of your meals at home. Learn more about Rhapsody Nutrition here.

3. Sleep

As a healthy habit, sleep is underrated. When you’re asleep, your body regenerates itself after a tough workout or a stressful day. It’s prime recovery time and keeps your immune system functioning as it should. When we don’t get enough sleep, some bad habits have the tendency to kick in – like overeating. At the same time, poor sleep affects your mood and makes it harder to think clearly.

4. Supplementation

It’s best to get all of the nutrients you need from real foods. But no matter how great your food choices are, you still may not be getting everything you need. If you find that you’re lacking in some areas, then supplements can fill in the gaps. Just like you want to choose high-quality foods, make sure you’re also using high-quality supplements.

5. Mindset

You might’ve noticed that each of these five essential habits is dependent on one or two other habits, and mindset is no different. A healthy mindset starts with getting plenty of exercise, eating nutritious foods, getting plenty of sleep and choosing high-quality supplements. And a strong, healthy mindset can help you with developing and maintaining healthy habits long-term. You build a strong mind by turning inward and taking a look at your thought patterns and beliefs. A strong mind is a resilient mind, open to change, growth, and challenges. So always engage in new ways to challenge yourself. Stay open to learning new things by reading books, taking in-person or virtual classes, as well as by taking the time to learn from others.

Each of these five essential habits includes small behaviors that done each day will add up to lifelong health. Just remember that drastic changes don’t happen overnight or immediately. Be patient, and keep doing the small things every day.

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