By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder and Head Coach of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC

For many of us, what we thought our training would be versus what we were able to do has probably looked a bit different so far this year. 

You adapted, stuck with it and tackled whatever you could to stay as fit and healthy as possible. I’m proud of you!

Rhapsody Fitness

Rhapsody 101 returns to Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.

But now, as we slowly come back to our comprehensive training program with all it’s usual suspects – Olympic Lifting, gymnastics, conditioning – you may be feeling frustrated or overwhelmed by what feels like “lost ground” with certain movements. 

I feel you. Instead of being discouraged by what may seem like a bright light shone on weakness, I encourage you to shift your perspective and look at this challenge as an opportunity.

Rarely do we get the gift of a hard reset – to step away, start fresh and build the strongest fundamentals from the ground up. Rarely do we make the time and space to get back to basics.

If the foundation is firm, you will get fitter. I liken it to shimmying your way back to the trunk of the tree after being out on a limb. Solid and stable. 

So let’s shimmy on back to the core components of fitness with the return of Rhapsody 101 on Saturday, July 18 at 10AM. Focusing on quality and technique, this hour of skills and drills will kickoff with Double Unders.

Reserve your spot for Rhapsody 101: Double Unders and stay tuned for the full line-up including Handstands, Running, Muscle-Ups, Rowing and Kettlebells. 


Double Unders: Saturday, July 18 at 10AM

Handstands: Saturday, August 1 at 10AM

Running: Saturday, August 15 at 10AM

Muscle-Ups: Saturday, September 5 at 10AM

Rowing: Saturday, October 3 at 10AM

Kettlebells: Saturday, October 17 at 10AM

If you have any questions about our current Rhapsody programs or would like to learn more about Rhapsody 101, grab any one of the Team Rhapsody coaches or visit us online.