We all know that being physically active can help you lead a happier and happier life. Regular exercise promotes physical health and reduces the risk of health conditions like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, cancer, and others. But in addition to making your heart and muscles stronger, the benefits of working out can have a major effect on our quality of life. Are you curious about the vast offerings that working out can offer? Let’s take a deeper look.

Is Exercise a Quality-of-Life Booster?

Quality of life is a subjective measure of our happiness and satisfaction with life. In essence, it’s the degree to which we feel healthy, comfortable, and able to enjoy the world around us. Many factors come into play, including how we feel about our finances, family, personal health, security, outlook for the future, and more. And while exercise isn’t the only solution for any of those things, it can have a big effect on them and boost your quality of life.

Supports Mental Health

How we feel between our ears has the single biggest influence on our day-to-day life. If we’re struggling or having challenges, it can affect everything. And while mental health is a complex subject that doesn’t begin with exercise, plenty of research shows that physical activity can prompt the release of mood-lifting hormones that relieve stress and promote well-being.

Good for the Mind

As long as we’re talking about the mental component, we can’t overlook the fact that exercise boosts circulation and blood flow to the brain, and that’s good for your mental acuity and cognitive function. And in today’s super hyper mega turbo global society, we can all use any edge we can get. Or, at the very least, a sharp wit will make you better at Words With Friends, and that’s fun.

Promotes Better Sleep

The quality of sleep we get is directly connected to the quality of our lives, and it’s not just about “being a little tired.” If you don’t get enough good sleep, it can affect everything from your hormones to your ability to focus, and everything in between. Regular exercise helps you fall asleep faster — deep sleep — and stay asleep. And if you’re working out, it’s when your body repairs itself. So, get eight hours every night.

Supports Mobility

As we get older, and we all do, there’s a natural decline in our physical performance and that can have a significant impact on your quality of life, especially if your mobility becomes impacted because that can, in turn, affect independence. And that can be a major lifestyle adjustment. Regular exercise is one of the most effective ways to maintain your physical performance and slow the effects that aging has on the cardiovascular fitness, metabolism, and muscle function so we can preserve our mobility and preferred lifestyle.

Improve Your Life With Us at Rhapsody

The evidence is overwhelming clearly that physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your health and your life. And here at Rhapsody Fitness, we make it fun.

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