A lot of us are traveling this time of year and, inevitably, for the fitness-minded like you and us, the question comes up, “How do I travel without totally derailing my fitness goals?” It is fair to ask because travel can disrupt healthy living in multiple ways. More stress, less sleep, eating out, fewer opportunities to exercise — the list is endless. But below are a few of our favorite tips for maintaining your health when traveling. 

Be Present 

Let’s lay the groundwork by putting this one first. Whether you are traveling to see friends, family, or just take some time to yourself, be present in whatever you are doing wherever you are at. Do not stress too much if your schedule is thrown off or you miss a workout. You will make up for it later. Especially if it is bugging you now. Enjoy your time with friends and family, there will be plenty of time to work up a sweat in 2023. 

Get a Workout In? 

But, hey — just because you are traveling does not mean that working out is impossible. It can provide opportunities to try new things and mix up your routine. Are you staying in a hotel with a fitness center? Bring your gear and make some time. Is there a fun local gym where you are traveling? Get a day pass and give it a try. Maybe there’s none of that, but you could still bring your clothes and perform stretching exercises or calisthenics and body weight exercises. Where there is a will there is a way! 

Get Some Rest 

Traveling is tiring, and depending on your trip, it is easy for your energy levels to run low faster than normal. Add in jet lag and that will only accelerate the drain. It might make for a tight schedule but do yourself a favor and get your Zs. Sleep supports the neurological, digestive, and immune systems. And let’s just be real, inadequate sleep just feels terrible, and who wants to feel that way when traveling? Prioritize rest in your travel plans. 

Plan Ahead for Meals 

Maintaining a healthy meal plan on the go can be tricky. Many people have their meal prep routine down pat in their own kitchen, but once you are in a hotel room or at mom’s house, it is trickier. But it is easier if you plan. Do you have anything you need to bring? Protein powder and a shaker cup is an effortless way to start the morning with lean protein from anywhere. And, of course, part of the enjoyment of traveling is checking out new restaurants. So, if you are following a particular diet or have specific preferences, check out the dining and grocery options online ahead of time so you are not scrambling at your destination. 

Rhapsody Fitness Is Here When You Return 

Keeping up with your health and fitness goals and routine when you are traveling can be a challenge but there are ways to make it work. And even if you do slip up or skip a workout, it is not the end of the world, nor should you stress about it too much. 

If your home base is Charleston, come down to Rhapsody Fitness. We offer 49 classes and 24 open gym hours over 7 days a week so we can help you reach your health and fitness goals. Want to see what Rhapsody Fitness is all about? Your first class is on us!