When was the last time you played? If it’s been a while, you’re not alone. Play is sometimes the last thing on our minds. Especially when there is work to be done, bills to be paid and chores to finish.

But it turns out that making time to play has a positive effect on you, your body and your health.

The Importance of Play in Your Life

Play gets us out of our adult mindsets and activates new parts of our brains. Making space to play makes us more creative and resilient and improves our mood. As a result, you’re more likely to stay focused, experience less anxiety and even criticize yourself less.

Sound good? Then here are a few ways to make your life more playful:

1. Make time for the things you enjoy.

When we’re talking about having fun and playing more, a schedule or routine might sound like a buzzkill. However, if you don’t set aside time to have fun, it might never happen. To make your life more playful, you have to make time for what you enjoy. Schedule time for your hobbies into your calendar just like any other appointment. Make the time a priority in your life and stick to the schedule you create.

2. Engage in something fun.

Let’s be honest, a lot of our free time is spent scrolling through a small device. And while it might seem like you’re taking a break, this doesn’t really count as play or fun. Mindless scrolling is not the same as engaging in something fun. To get the benefits of play, you have to do something. Go outside and throw a ball. Fly a kite. Hunt for four-leaf clovers. Wander around your city or town. Pick up the musical instrument that sits in the corner of the room, waiting for you to play it. As long as you’re engaged with the activity, there aren’t any limits to what counts as play.

3. Hang around playful people.

Another way to make your life more playful is to hang around playful people. This could be your kids, your nieces or nephews. Spend more time with people who are fun to be around and let yourself laugh and smile. If it’s not easy to get that human connection right now, pets count too! Especially puppies – they’re always up for more playtime.

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