It goes by many names: mental chatter, mindlessness, overthinking and even the monkey mind. And no matter what your preferred label may be, you probably know what it sounds like in your head. You also might be thinking, “What can I do about it?”.

Quieting the Mental Chatter

How do you quiet the non-stop internal banter happening between your ears? Well, it’s not easy. And rather than trying to do the impossible and eliminate all thoughts, here are some ideas that will help you turn down the volume.

1. Meditate.

There’s a reason why more and more people are picking up some type of meditation practice. It helps quiet your mind. Even sitting quietly for five minutes and breathing counts as meditation and comes with mental benefits.

2. Go outside.

If you’re sitting at your desk, ruminating in your thoughts, take a break and go outside. The fresh air can help clear out some lingering thoughts and getting outside provides some much-needed space.

3. Talk to someone who will listen.

Sometimes what we need more than anything else is to share our thoughts with someone who will listen. When you don’t have the mental capacity to hold on to any more stressful thinking, find someone who will give you space to vent, cry, laugh and say what you need to say.

4. Move your body.

If you find yourself stuck in the middle of a mental funk, head to the gym. Even when it seems like the last place you want to go, moving your body might be just what you need to quiet your mind.

5. Put down the remote and pick up a pen.

Scrolling through Netflix might seem like a good way to distract yourself. But sitting on the couch doesn’t give your thoughts an outlet. Put down the remote, pick up a pen and journal for ten to fifteen minutes.

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