Recovery is just as important as your training in enhancing and improving your overall health and fitness. There. We said it. 

Sufficient sleep, quality nutrition and strategic rest are all part of the essential healing and recuperation you need to be your best between workouts. You can also raise the bar on your regroup by making space and time for consistent body and mobility work. 

Intended to revive fatigued muscles and rejuvenate the tired mind, Rhapsody Recovery encompasses deep stretching, enhanced mobility, breathing techniques and mindset work. Agile by design, each session is prompted by the programming done in the days before and adapted to ready you for the programming planned for the days ahead. 

Rhapsody Recovery is all about keeping you in fighting shape and getting you ready for the next with rehabilitation work as smart and intentional as your training. 

Bring your mat and leave your stress at the door. Rhapsody Recovery is available to all members every Wednesday night at 7:30PM.

Reserve your spot today as this class will fill up fast.