Intended to revive fatigued muscles and rejuvenate the tired mind, Rhapsody Recovery encompasses deep stretching, enhanced mobility, breathing techniques and mindset work. Agile by design, each session is prompted by the programming done in the days before and adapted to ready you for the programming planned for the days ahead. 

One of our newest programs, Rhapsody Recovery is all about keeping you in fighting shape and getting you ready for the next with rehabilitation work as smart and intentional as your training. 

Rhapsody Fitness

Molly MacLean at Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC.

Led by certified yoga instructor and The Works trainer, Molly MacLean brings far more than groovy tunes and a good stretch to the table.

Born and raised in Boston, Molly was mesmerized by movement from the start spending countless days teaching herself backflips and tumbling. Trampoline tumbles would escalate to a 14-year competitive cheerleading career – the toll of which would inspire her to seek a more sustainable and nurturing fitness outlet. 

Enter yoga with its abundant benefits spanning physical fitness, mental release and personal discipline. Well versed in a variety of practices, Molly focuses on Vinyasa yoga – hot and fast flow with some delightfully spicy cardio and sculpt work peppered in. 

For our Rhapsody Recovery program, Molly helps each athlete relieve (or even eliminate) pesky aches and pains. Through guided mobility work and deep stretching, you will allow stressed muscles to release – getting sweet relief and much needed blood flow to those tender tissues and tight spots.

This program is ideal for our Rhapsody Fitness community to incorporate into their regimen because the body requires duality when being pushed to the edge. Similar to how your body adapts and endures during vigorous movement, it is important to train your body to release and find rest within your muscles. 

A steady active recovery routine may also help you avoid injury and burnout. 

For each athlete who comes to her class, Molly wants you to discover and realize the benefit of body awareness and muscle recovery. Her goal is that each member will start to feel more flexible and fluid within their movements and enjoy being less stiff and sore between workouts. 

As an avid athlete herself who respects and embraces pushing the body to its limits, Molly sees Rhapsody Recovery as the gift you can give yourself to make those sweat sessions more sustainable and ensure you are physically and mentally ready to take on the next. 

Bring your mat and leave your stress at the door. Rhapsody Recovery is available to all members every Wednesday night at 7:30PM. Reserve your spot on Zen Planner or visit us online to learn more.