By Alan Shaw, Co-Founder of Rhapsody Fitness in Charleston, SC

I’ve been told that a shift happens in year four. Year one is all about breaking ground and hurdling into the unknown. Year two is no-holds-barred marked by high highs with low lows and hard lessons. By year three, you realize you’re standing on steadier ground and this entity you created is gaining traction and momentum. 

Alan Shaw

Rhapsody Fitness Co-Founder Alan Shaw.

Year four hits different. After facing and overcoming each and every hurdle together – we’re still here and here we will stay. 

Reflecting on where this all started, I see Trinity and I sitting around the coffee table in our New York apartment talking about our vision for Rhapsody Fitness. A community for everyone. Focused on character first, it would be a safe space to become the best version of yourself. 

We decided then that our doors would be open to members across all ages, races, colors, classes, genders, sexual orientations, ethnic or national origins, religions, political perspectives, (dis)abilities and appearances. Our only criteria? That you accept feedback with humility, are hungry to improve and actively seek happiness.

And if you bought into these core values, we would commit to providing you with an exemplary member experience, strong community, elite coaching and a top-of-the-line facility. 

Four years later, I can say with confidence that we’ve done this. Come what may, we did not waver. 

As we move into our fifth year, I intend to double down on what has always set us apart – our values, mission and community. What you can expect to see in the days, weeks and months ahead is Rhapsody getting back to basics. 


Already setting the standard for member care, you’ll have more opportunities to connect with your coaches one-on-one between quarterly check-ins. You will also see more windows for evaluation and sharing your feedback with us. 


Give the people what they want! Our signature events, alongside a few surprises, are coming back on the calendar. You will also have more outlets to serve and connect with our neighbors through Sweat & Serve


The best in class, we’re backing more continued education for Team Rhapsody to ensure our coaches stay curious and, ultimately, at the top of their craft. With a growing interest in competition across all levels, you’ll also see more structure and support from the Rhapsody Athletic Department (R.A.D.).  


From pristine conditions to premier equipment, we are all about making it shine. 

As proud as I am of this business we’ve built, it pales in comparison to the pride I have in its people – our members, team and community. Strong on our own, we proved time and time again to be a force combined. 

We know who we are. We know what we’re about. We have more to give. LFG.